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❤️iFocus - GUIDE

❤️iFocus - GUIDE - UK and Ireland : HOW TO MAKE THE WEEKLY ❤️iFocus THE SIXTH VERSION of this page Sept 2021 . . BREAK your text with

THE SIXTH VERSION of this page Sept 2021

. BREAK your text with punctuation marks.

1 First decide on your subject

let's say you LIKE the Dead Nettle types (Lamium purpureum)
Decide whether you'd like the whole Family (Lamiaceae), the Genus (Lamium) or the species
Wander (search) iSpot to see for yourself how many there are, how nice the observations are.

2 If you don't have a decent Photo

choose a nice illustration from one of the Observations - they are free to use but MUST be credited with at least a link to the Observation.
Make it large (Full Size) and 'Save as..' in your own folders. Note the Observation link. Drag that picture into Project Images.
You are allowed 10 pictures in a Project, so you could add a few from History

3 Location is easy

but needs a little practise. Circle is easiest (Illustration) but you can easily try Freehand.

DO look at the few Illustrations above (Project Photos)

It sometimes gets out of hand. Just click the Hand tool and then on a line or in a shape, watch for the Bin.

See Photos 5 & 6.

4 Filter. Just add the scientific name

nothing else. But make certain you choose it from the Dictionary Drop-in

5 Add the Photo link to the Text

Project Photo by Amadan from https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/798234/red-and-dead say

6 Add some text

maybe a link or two, maybe look through some obs. and add links to the ones that need more support, a better ID - anything. If you run though a few Other Obs then sometime put in a Comment Featuring in the current ❤️iFOCUS

PLEASE add a link to the ❤️iFOCUS GUIDE

You can edit projects every minute, once a day or never. Maps can be improved but beware you don't exclude portions of the UK.
You may wish to consider


using HTML tags
>H3< HEADINGS >/H3< would look like that BUT with the > the other way 'round< >
Bold is >strong< >/strong< Italics is >em< >/em< also with > other way round.


Can be added with >p style="font-size:14px;color:purple;"< remember to reverese the < in the command
DON'T try to be too fancy until you have mastered the basics. ALL HTML commands and formatting is LOST at every edit.

I copy all Project text, with codes, into a draft email. You can use a simple Text Editor like Notepad in the same way.
Best not to use a full-blown Wordprosesor to construct text.

PROJECTS can be built and discarded in minutes - they are VERY useful for checking 'WHERE and how many' occurrences of any Organism.
BUT the Community Filter on the Home Page is better and quicker. Explore Community/Map/Filter etc. Those filters can be saved for future reference. It is a VERY Powerful tool

You can try a TEMPORARY PRACTISE iFocus anytime.
PLEASE remember to DELETE Projects that are no longer useful. But you can always keep one Marked (say) Personal Space and recycle it hundreds of times


Click +Add/Project on the Home Page menu
Build the map add the filter (not your REAL one, just a practise one)
Title it ❤️iFOCUS TEST, so that we know.
There can be several ❤️iFOCUS TESTS -, the more people see them, the better
Delete it quite soon (don't leave them too long)
Via Your iSpot/Projects/Delete
.BREAK your text with puctuation marks.

Suggested Perpetual Text

• There are plenty in the Gallery to choose from, open one or two and learn.
• Where you can add an agreement PLEASE do.
• If you can add an alternative ID - Please do
• If you can comment - Please do
• If you can praise the photo or observation - Please do
• Please keep an eye on the User Guide here

Each iFocus can come online of Fridays but self-destructs sometime after a week (up to a fortnight)
Wait until the new one is running, keep both for a few hours, if you like, then CHANGE the title or, preferably, delete


❤️iFOCUS Bookings so far

Fungi Week

HB - ❤️iFocus 22 October
❤️iFocus 5 November - anyone?
❤️iFocus 19 November -
❤️iFocus 3 December -
deyayM Christmas Period combined ❤iFocus/✨ iBlitz - 20th to 30th

Someone please

New year's day ✨ iBlitz? One day only
❤️iFocus 7 January 2022
Mags49 - 2022 Spring Equinox ✨ iBlitz - Sunday, 20 March (15:32)
dejayM - 2022 Autumn Equinox ✨ iBlitz - Friday, 23 September (02:03)
Volunteer in a comment here below, or the Forum. PLEASE

SO FAR (26)
Praon (Parasitoid wasp)
Aspleniaceae (Ferns)
Two Shrews (Sorex)
Zombie Fungi (Cordycipitaceae)
A very British Sago (Arum maculatum)
Common Frogs (Rana temporaria)
Sea Stars (Asteroidea)
Lundy & Hartland Point (Regional)
SPRING (Seasonal)
The Adder (Vipera berus)
Sea Urchins (Echinoidea)
Common primrose (Primula vulgaris)
Horn Tails (Siricidae)
Founder's Selection (Profile)
Marloes (Regional)
Dotted Bee-fly (Bombylius discolor)
Common hermit crab (Pagurus bernhardus)
12 years of iSpotnature.org activity
Nettles (Urtica)
Elder (Sambucus)
Earthworms (Lumbricidae)
Painted Lady (Vanessa carduo)
WASTED Observations - cleaning iSpot of some (nearly 400) ignored observations
Flowers of the Flesh (Actinaria)
UK Seals - (Phocidae)
Conehead - (Conocephalus)

iSpot is SUCH a valuable place for learning.

Page update 10 (this version 24 Sept)

10 Sep 2021