PROJECT INDEXING - UK and Ireland : Reinstating Mick E Talbot's Lost Plants Project HERE

Reinstating Mick E Talbot's Lost Plants Project HERE

there are 462 Lost plants.
PLEASE add a comment or an ID

I am working with Miked and Admin on ways to develop and retain valuable COMMUNITY projects that have either decayed or slipped so far down the 'Recent project' list to be of little use to anyone.
This is one that collects ALL the unidentified plants. It is a masterpiece of construction that was created in the days when we were allowed Hotlinked HTML text - so useful but no longer available.
This then is a project that will be in the New Index to useful Projects.
Personal projects, that are just collections of Observations will be in another Index. THEY MUST be managed and updated regularly to qualify.
Others run the risk of being deleted
I am managing the index for the time being - it will be a slow process.

Updated 13 May 2021

05 May 2021