✳️iSPOTLIGHT✳️- Bumblebees

✳️iSPOTLIGHT✳️- Bumblebees

✳️iSPOTLIGHT✳️- Bumblebees - UK and Ireland : Spot-lighting ALL BUMBLE BEES. . THE THIRD IN A SERIES . a Massive iSpot collection of 4245 Observat

Spot-lighting ALL BUMBLE BEES.
a Massive iSpot collection of 4245 Observations

A HUGELY valuable collection, with sighting dates, locations and photos.
2020 is going to be the year of Bumble bees. There are declining fast and attracting great interest from scientists and obsevers. iSpot can play its part
There is a HUGE need to look hard at Conservation and protection. Everyone can help
◘ Read https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/06/bumblebees-decline-points-to-mass-extinction-study
◘ And https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/06/us/bumble-bee-climate-change-extinction-study-scn/index.html
◘ And https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2020/02/bumblebees-going-extinct-climate-change-pesticides/
Click here
Clicking on, say Bombus (Psithyrus) rupestris , then Observations means you can specialise for a while, add an agreement or a comment perhaps even a counter-ID.
ONLY the first 50 are shown in this browsing method
If you want to see ALL of one Species, do this -
⭐ In iSpot's home page, click Explore Gallery or List
⭐ Then Filter Community Observations
⭐ Then add your chosen species (Say Bombus (Bombus) terrestris)
⭐ Click Apply
A missed opprtunity and a delightful bit of Miscoding here (Species Browser)
UNLIKE - https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/species-browser/NBNSYS0000050323/apidae 
I have learned quite a bit just by reading comments, but they are few and far between.
And some interesting things emerge - there are HUGE numbers not identified to species
Very few have agreements, even less have comments
✳️There are 26 species observed (out of 28 Species available)
✳️ There are at least 50 IDd to genus only - I do not know a way to list them all, but only the first 50 appear in Other Obs of any Genus-only observation
✳️Bombus (Bombus) terrestris has 669
✳️Bombus (Melanobombus) lapidarius has 600
✳️The next most common is Bombus (Thoracobombus) pascuorum with 459 observations
✳️Only the extremely rare Apple Bumblebee (Bombus pomorum) and the far less rare Short-haired bumblebee (Bombus subterraneus) are absent from this collection
Plenty of species have only 1 Observation
The project does not collect unidentified Bumble bees.
January Bumbles in iSpot
2012 https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/91277/
2013 https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/155228/
2014 https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/230530/
2015 https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/463818/
2019 https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/775538/
2020 https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/795504/


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