Japanese elm aphid (Panaphidini - (Tinocallis (Sappocallis) takachihoensis))

Japanese elm aphid (Panaphidini - (Tinocallis (Sappocallis) takachihoensis))

Observation - Japanese elm aphid (Panaphidini - (Tinocallis (Sappocallis) takachihoensis)) - UK and Ireland. Description: On Hornbeam.

On Hornbeam. Aphids on Elm and from the same site: The pattern of black markings on Tinocallis takachihoensis wings (see first picure above) is diagnostic. The pronotum has two pairs of paired dorsal processes which can be seen in lateral view (above). The posterior pair is large and dark, whilst the anterior pair (hard to see) is small and pale. There are also two pairs of pale paired dorsal processes on the abdominal dorsum. The head bears no dorsal processes (this distinguishes Tinocallis takachihoensis from Tinocallis ulmiparvifoliae), and there are no brown markings on the abdominal dorsum (which distinguishes Tinocallis takachihoensis from Tinocallis platani).

100% match to my images making is it a first for the UK or maybe just VC53?

The Japanese elm aphid feeds on elm (Ulmus spp) and some other genera in Japan, China and eastern Siberia. Tinocallis takachihoensis has also been introduced to Europe (France, Germany, England, Netherlands, Sicily, Andorra) and the USA. It now appears be established in most of these countries.

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