Nature up close and personal

Nature up close and personal - UK and Ireland :

A new citizen science project is seeking to investigate relationships between nature and our wellbeing.

During this period of Covid-19 lockdown, many of us have learned (or re-discovered) the importance of engaging with nature to our happiness and wellbeing. But how do different types of nature activities affect us? Join in with others across Britain and help to answer this question.

Nature Up Close and Personal: A Wellbeing Experiment was recently launched and is an initiative led by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH), the University of Derby and the British Science Association (BSA).

Participants will have an opportunity to take part and discover how different nature-based activities impact our wellbeing. They will learn about some simple nature-based activities, get to experience nature up close and personal, and answer a few questions about their experiences. Activities will take about 10 minutes daily for a week.

To find out more and take part watch the introductory video and go to the Nature up close and personal website.

23 Jul 2020
Janice A