Using iSpot and recording wildlife observations throughout the coronavirus outbreak

Using iSpot and recording wildlife observations throughout the coronavirus outbreak - UK and Ireland :

With the current situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) the iSpot team, as part of The Open University (OU), assures you that we are taking this very seriously. While working from home we are endeavouring to maintain iSpot services but ask that you bear with us should issues arise and it takes a little time to resolve them or to respond to you.

We appreciate the value of nature to one’s health and wellbeing; the importance of curiosity and interest in wildlife, the urge to record what you see; as well as how useful this data is to learn about the natural world. We also understand how important  is as a resource for you; and value the contributions you make as part of our online community. However, we urge caution and adherence to government guidelines and regulations as they evolve, as we are doing, particularly with regards to social interaction and being outdoors. These are challenging times while we all adjust to new ways of living, working and socialising.

Although there are limitations, we can still embrace the start of spring and flurry of activity from our flora and fauna; and we will be helping with that! We are reviewing iSpot posts from over the years and throughout the weeks to come we will share regular highlights, other information about using iSpot and citizen science initiatives.

So, whether you’re on iSpot today just browsing the site; commenting on existing posts or adding new observations from your home garden or photos of wildlife sightings you already have; taking a quiz, using an iSpot project or just bored and curious, we welcome you!

For our regulars (you know who you are) thanks wholeheartedly for your ongoing support and for what you will be doing over this difficult period to keep our online community going.

For the OU response to COVID-19 and regular updates go to:

Be well and take care.

The iSpot Team

 (Edited to align with updated government guidelines).

23 Mar 2020
Janice A