Celebrating UK Wildlife with Autumnwatch!

Celebrating UK Wildlife with Autumnwatch! - UK and Ireland :

Autumnwatch on BBC Two is back from October 29 to November 1, with four special 60-minute programmes celebrating all the very best of our UK wildlife. At iSpotnature.org we can’t wait to see all the observations posted of what you see!

Broadcasting live from the Dell of Abernethy in the heart of the Cairngorms, Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams profile this stunning wilderness in its most technicolour season, finding out what autumn means for the iconic wildlife and the animals that live there.

Look out for news on the initial results from Gardenwatch the citizen science project done in conjunction with The Open University and the British Trust for Ornithology as part of Springwatch which asked people to survey the wildlife living in their gardens to help scientists build a comprehensive report of exactly what lives on the nation's doorsteps.

For Autunmwatch The Open University has produced a 2020 calendar highlighting the connections between humans and wildlife. iSpot, the Open University’s citizen science platform for biodiversity,  is part of this and here to help you learn more! Why not order your’s now, go to www.open.edu/openlearn/autumnwatch-2019 to find out more.

If you’re new to iSpot; welcome! iSpotnature.org is an Open University citizen science platform that was developed to help anyone learn about and engage with nature, while sharing and building your wildlife identification skills, see more information below about how to use iSpot. For our regular users, do enjoy Autumnwatch as you share your autumnal sightings with us!  Have a look at what has been posted so far collated in the iSpot Autumnwatch project . As with Springwatch we do want to help new iSpotters joining our online community so do look out for new postings from them too!

Visiting iSpot for the first time? Here’s some help to get started:

Make your BBC Autumnwatch wildlife sightings count and get help identifying what you find with iSpot!

iSpotnature.org is an online citizen science platform for biodiversity. Take pictures, share observations with others and learn about the wildlife you see.

  • Browse observations: Look at some of the latest observations from the front page or use the species browser (see more below). Anyone can see what's on the site without registering, just go to the home page, and click on the photos for the latest observations.
  • Register: To join in the activity you will need to register (it’s free!). Click on the “Sign up to iSpot” button and provide a user name, email address, and password. ((If you’re under 16 do check with your parents, guardians or teachers to do this).
  • Add an observation: Get outdoors and take some pictures of wildlife! Adding your own observations to iSpot allows you to get more out of the website and participate fully. It’s easy to upload a photo and a description of the wildlife you have seen. Click “Add observation”, select and attach the photo then fill in the details.
  • Provide a location: Click on “Use map” to select your location from the map (your camera may fill in this information for you).  If you do not want to reveal the precise location of the observation, there is an option to hide it.
  • Add an identification: If you think you know the name of what you have seen, you can say so! Start typing the English or scientific name, then select your species and match the name from the list. If you don’t know the name, that’s fine, leave it blank and others will help you identify it.
  • Be part of the iSpot community: Once you are registered and have added an observation on iSpot, you can also assist others by agreeing with, adding identifications or comments to their observations. iSpot is a community of people who enjoy helping each other learn about wildlife and how to identify it - your help will be much appreciated! If you recognise a species on iSpot add its name if it hasn't yet been identified, or if it has you can click on 'I agree!'

iSpot species browser

The iSpot species browser is a fun and quick way to explore species in iSpot and can help you identify your own observations. It shows links between the thousands of species observed on iSpot, with the most frequently seen from each group at the top of the list. To find the browser click on the “Explore community” menu and select “Species browser”.

Happy iSpotting!!!

30 Oct 2019
Janice A