OpenID service / Open University Computer Username (OUCU) login no longer available

OpenID service / Open University Computer Username (OUCU) login no longer available - UK and Ireland :

If you are an (iSpot) user registered with an Open University (OU) email address, this notice is for you! If you have never used the Open ID service / your University Computer Username (OUCU)  to log into iSpot or do not have an OUCU no action is necessary, please log in as usual, for others who do use this service, please read on.

Unfortunately the decision has been taken to withdraw the OpenID service, therefore logging in directly onto iSpot using your Open University Computer Username (OUCU) will not be possible as of today, Monday September 23rd 2019.

As you are aware iSpot is an OU online citizen science platform for biodiversity; and as an OU operated website OpenID allowed iSpot users with an OUCU to login directly using the OU users login here button, from the iSpot front page.

Due to changes, beyond the iSpot Team’s control, this service is no longer available but please note your iSpot account is still active and available. As an existing iSpot user, if you previously logged in using OpenID all you now need to do is request a new password to log in. To do so please do the following:

  • Go to the iSpot home page, type in your username, then click on the password reset button.
  • An automated email will be sent to you with further instructions (please check your spam and clutter folders just in case it is stored there).

If you have gone through these stages are now logged into the site, but would like to change your password again then go to the menu bar, click on your user name and select the ‘Edit Profile’ button, then click on the ‘Password’ tab and follow the instructions provided.

If you have any problems do contact us at: [email protected]. Please note that new users with an OUCU will not be able to set up this service and need to register for an iSpot only login.

We do apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Please note we are contacting you within your rights as an iSpot registered user on a matter which may be of importance to you. This is in accordance with the iSpot Privacy Notice, section 3.3. Thanks for using and we look forward to welcoming you back on the website very soon!


Janice Ansine

on behalf of the iSpot Team

23 Sep 2019
Janice A