Introducing the ID Signpost

Introducing the ID Signpost - UK and Ireland : [upload-images-TomBio_140.png] A new initiative from the Field Studies Council aims to bring together a complete list of wildlife identification resources in one place, and you ca

From the Field Studies Council's "Tomorrow's Biodiversity" ( project:'s ID Signpost is an online searchable catalogue of UK biological identification resources. A key feature is that the records of ID resources are crowd-sourced. This means that it can be kept up-to-date more easily and have a much wider reach than if only a few people were able to edit it.

Why has created this? During the Tomorrow's Biodiversity consultation in 2014 (in which iSpot and many others took part) there was a strong appetite for more 'signposting' of resources to enable UK biological recorders to quickly see what is available in respect of ID resources etc.

To use the ID Signpost go to:

From that link, click on the signpost image for full details of how to use the site and add information to it.

22 Jun 2015
Martin Harvey