The biology of survival - pollination

The biology of survival - pollination - UK and Ireland : [upload-images-Andrena_140.jpg] The Biology of Survival is a new course from The Open University that focuses on a range of plant and

The Biology of Survival course was first made available in 2014, and students who started in late 2014 are now working on a project to investigate interactions between flowers and insect pollinators. Where needed students are making use of iSpot to help them identify plants and insects, and their observations (tagged "S295pollination") can be seen on this project page.

The pollination study is one of the last elements in this second-level course, and since last autumn students have covered a range of topics such as migration, predation, the "wood-wide web" (fungal interactions in forests), and the biological systems involved in the conversion of light energy into the food product cheese, via the dairy cow and the cheese-making process. And at the beginning of the course iSpot is used for an introductory 'bioblitz' activity.

For more details and to find out how you can register for the next presentation of this course in October 2015, see the Biology of Survival module page.

Solitary Andrena bee on flower, by oliver0575:

08 Apr 2015
Martin Harvey