Accuracy accuracy accuracy

Accuracy accuracy accuracy - UK and Ireland :

It is very important to be accurate when recording all aspects of iSpot observations but particularly the locations.  Your observations may go on to inform species habitat models which may help conservation efforts but if the location is wrong then it could give the wrong information.

If possible let the camera or phone automatically embed the gps location in the image metadata* which ispot should pick up automatically. Failing that be very careful about selecting the correct zoomed in location on the map when you upload your observation.

If you are recording in your garden or otherwise concerned about privacy then you can always select ‘hide precise location’ which then does not show the exact location on the website.

Always check the observation once you have finished to make sure everything is correct as it can be easy to make a slip and move the location to the wrong place at the last moment.  You can also view all your observations on a map and check back over old observations to make sure they are accurately shown and correct them if necessary (just click on the edit button).

*some cameras and all smartphones have the option to record the accurate location of each photo within the photo

13 Jan 2021