Stuck indoors, how about having a look at these projects

Stuck indoors, how about having a look at these projects - UK and Ireland :

How about having a go at identifying or agreeing to some of these older observations. Some of them are quite tricky but others relatively easy and have just been missed.  (UK invertebrates) (UK plants) (UK fungi) (UK lichens) (Amphibians and Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Fish and other organisms)

There are also projects looking at other parts of the world (a few shown below) or you can create your own project to look at observations from areas you know well and which may not have been identified.  It may take a while to page through all the observations but you can put a comment in the project to ask for the date range to be changed which can help to more quickly get to observations you have not yet seen.

It is quite easy to make your own project, just click on the ‘add’ button shown next to your username on the home page and select ‘project’.  You can then give the project a description that will help others understand what the project is about, you can add an image e.g. of the nature reserve. You can draw the area the project covers and add filters, these are quite important and where some people make mistakes. For example if your project is to look at plants in Iceland then you draw a rough line round the country then select plants in the filters. You will get all plants observations from the iSpot system made in that country. You can of course make the filters much more specific than this but best to look at a range of other projects to see how other people have done it or ask via the iSpot ‘contact us’ button or ask on the iSpot forums where other users will help.

A few of the projects from other parts of the world, you can suggest others to be listed here: (Invertebrates in Europe) (Plants in Europe) (birds in New Zealand, there are several other NZ projects for other groups linked)

06 Apr 2020