Collections of observations

Collections of observations - UK and Ireland :

An occasional series of collections of observations made by ispot users.

Rusts of Britain and Ireland

Carabidae beetles of the UK!

Cicadellidae of the British Isles

Plant Seeds of the UK and Ireland

Bumblebees in Britain and Ireland

Dragon and Damselflies of UK

Plant mines of Britain and Ireland

Plant galls of Britain and Ireland

Grasshoppers and relatives

Gall flies in UK and Ireland

Bryophyte Club! - The UK's Moss

Bryophyte Club! - The UK's Liverworts

Hoverflies of Britain and Ireland

Robberflies of Britain and Ireland

Ants, bees and wasps of Britain and Ireland

Soldierflies of UK and Ireland

Enjoy looking at the pictures of hoverflies or other groups of organisms, perhaps learn a few new taxa and think about making observations of these insects.  You may also want to help with making some identifications.

13 Feb 2019