The Great British Year

The Great British Year - UK and Ireland : [upload-images-BBC_Great_British_Year_150.png] The Great British Year on BBC One has now finished

The Great British Year on BBC One portrayed the spectacular and dynamic nature of our country over the course of one year. If you missed the broadcasts you can find it via the BBC programme website.


To accompany the series the OU’s Open Media Unit produced a poster that encourages viewers to observe the different seasons through images of plants, animals and fungi with suggestions of four species to look out for each month. For example, in November look out for:

If you are viewing iSpot as a result of watching the programmes or from the link on poster, visit our Great British Year page for more information about how iSpot works and how you can take part. By using iSpot to record observations you will contribute to a seasonal data set that will build throughout the year. You can also browse through all the observations on the site, and help identify them for other people.

And click here to find out more from OpenLearn at The Open University.

01 Oct 2013
Martin Harvey