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iSpot is a Citizen Science project run by The Open University. It was originally developed as part of the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL), with funding from the Big Lottery Fund (2008 – 2012). OPAL encourages the public to explore and engage with nature and has produced various surveys for public participation.

iSpot has also received funding from the Garfield Weston Foundation, the British Ecological Society and is part of The OpenScience Laboratory, an initiative of The Open University and The Wolfson Foundation. Some of our outreach work (iSpot Biodiversity Mentors) was also funded by the Ernest Cook Trust.

iSpot and The OpenScience Laboratory

The OpenScience Laboratory is:

  • An online centre that will transform the teaching of practical science
  • A means of conducting authentic and rigorous investigations using real data
  • A laboratory and observatory that is globally available

In addition to iSpot, you can get involved in:

  • Remote Experiments
  • Virtual instruments and interactive screen experiments
  • Online field investigations
  • 3D Immersive environments
  • Citizen Science (www.ispotnature.org and www.treezilla.org)
  • Research and development

For more information visit: www.opensciencelab.ac.uk

iSpot and the British Ecological Society (BES)

iSpot was part of the British Ecological Society’s 2013 Centenary Festival of Ecology.

Through BES funding we developed new features on iSpot which demonstrate the ecological interactions between plants and insects.

18 Nov 2008