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Waxcap Mushrooms
Natural History Museum's UK Species Inventory
Fungi and Lichens
Fungi, Basidiomycota, Agaricomycetes, Agaricales, Hygrophoraceae, Hygrocybe
Hygrocybe aurantia, Hygrocybe canescens, Hygrocybe citrina, Hygrocybe citrinopallida, Hygrocybe constrictospora, Hygrocybe ingrata, Hygrocybe mucronella, Hygrocybe paraceracea, Hygrocybe phaeococcinea, Hygrocybe radiata, Hygrocybe salicis-herbaceae, Hygrocybe subpapillata, Hygrocybe viola, Hygrocybe flavipes, Hygrocybe miniata, Hygrocybe punicea, Hygrocybe helobia, Hygrocybe marchii, Hygrocybe vitellina, Hygrocybe intermedia, Hygrocybe olivaceoniger, Hygrocybe spadicea, Hygrocybe fornicata, Hygrocybe calciphila, Hygrocybe angustifolia, Hygrocybe aurantiosplendens, Hygrocybe borealis, Hygrocybe calyptriformis, Hygrocybe cantharellus, Hygrocybe ceracea, Hygrocybe chlorophana, Hygrocybe citrinovirens, Hygrocybe coccinea, Hygrocybe coccineocrenata, Hygrocybe colemanniana, Hygrocybe conica, Hygrocybe conicoides, Hygrocybe flavescens, Hygrocybe glutinipes, Hygrocybe insipida, Hygrocybe irrigata, Hygrocybe lacmus, Hygrocybe laeta, Hygrocybe leporina, Hygrocybe lilacina, Hygrocybe minutula, Hygrocybe mollis, Hygrocybe nigrescens, Hygrocybe nitrata, Hygrocybe obrussea, Hygrocybe ovina, Hygrocybe persistens, Hygrocybe pratensis, Hygrocybe psittacina, Hygrocybe quieta, Hygrocybe reidii, Hygrocybe russocoriacea, Hygrocybe sciophanoides, Hygrocybe splendidissima, Hygrocybe subminiata, Hygrocybe subminutula, Hygrocybe substrangulata, Hygrocybe turunda, Hygrocybe virginea, Hygrocybe xanthochroa