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Natural History Museum's UK Species Inventory
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Diptera, Limoniidae, Limonia
Limonia bifasciata, Limonia quadrimaculata, Limonia quadrinotata, Limonia annulata, Limonia dilutior, Limonia flavipes, Limonia macrostigma, Limonia maculipennis, Limonia masoni, Limonia nigropunctata, Limonia nubeculosa, Limonia stigma, Limonia trivittata, Limonia inusta, Limonia decemmaculata, Limonia aperta, Limonia aquosa, Limonia autumnalis, Limonia chorea, Limonia complicata, Limonia consimilis, Limonia danica, Limonia distendens, Limonia frontalis, Limonia goritiensis, Limonia halterella, Limonia lucida, Limonia mitis seg., Limonia mitis form A, Limonia modesta, Limonia omissinervis, Limonia ornata, Limonia sera, Limonia sericata, Limonia stigmatica, Limonia ventralis, Limonia caledonica, Limonia morio, Limonia occidua, Limonia rufiventris, Limonia stylifera, Limonia unicolor, Limonia ctenophora, Limonia duplicata, Limonia uniseriata, Limonia 'vectensis', Limonia lutea agg., Limonia affinis seg., Limonia affinis, Limonia mitis form I, Limonia 'tufa', Limonia 'fluvius', Limonia mitis, Limonia mitis var. affinis, Limonia mitis var. lutea, Limonia bezzii, Limonia phragmitidis, Limonia mitis agg., Limonia gracilis, Limonia halterata, Limonia magnicauda