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Natural History Museum's UK Species Inventory
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Diptera, Empididae, Hilara
Hilara abdominalis, Hilara aeronetha, Hilara albipennis, Hilara albitarsis, Hilara albiventris, Hilara anglodanica, Hilara apta, Hilara barbipes, Hilara beckeri, Hilara biseta, Hilara bistriata, Hilara brevistyla, Hilara brevivittata, Hilara canescens, Hilara chorica, Hilara clavipes, Hilara clypeata, Hilara cornicula, Hilara curtisi, Hilara discoidalis, Hilara flavipes, Hilara fulvibarba, Hilara fuscipes, Hilara galactoptera, Hilara gallica, Hilara griseifrons, Hilara hirta, Hilara hirtella, Hilara hirtipes, Hilara hybrida, Hilara implicata, Hilara intermedia, Hilara interstincta, Hilara litorea, Hilara longivittata, Hilara lugubris, Hilara lundbecki, Hilara lurida, Hilara manicata, Hilara maura, Hilara medeteriformis, Hilara media, Hilara merula, Hilara monedula, Hilara morata, Hilara nigrina, Hilara nigrohirta, Hilara nitidula, Hilara obscura, Hilara pilosa, Hilara pilosopectinata, Hilara platyura, Hilara primula, Hilara quadriseta, Hilara quadrivittata, Hilara recedens, Hilara rejecta, Hilara scrobiculata, Hilara setosa, Hilara submaura, Hilara subpollinosa, Hilara thoracica, Hilara diversipes, Hilara angustifrons, Hilara pseudochorica, Hilara pseudosartrix, Hilara sturmii, Hilara niveipennis, Hilara flavipes/obscura, Hilara longifurca, Hilara augustifrons