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Natural History Museum's UK Species Inventory
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Diptera, Chironomidae, Cricotopus
Cricotopus annulator, Cricotopus bicinctus, Cricotopus ephippium, Cricotopus festivellus, Cricotopus flavocinctus, Cricotopus fuscus, Cricotopus lygropis, Cricotopus pallidipes, Cricotopus pilosellus, Cricotopus polaris, Cricotopus pulchripes, Cricotopus similis, Cricotopus tremulus, Cricotopus triannulatus, Cricotopus trifascia, Cricotopus brevipalpis, Cricotopus intersectus, Cricotopus laricomalis, Cricotopus obnixus, Cricotopus ornatus, Cricotopus pilitarsis, Cricotopus reversus, Cricotopus speciosus, Cricotopus sylvestris, Cricotopus tricinctus, Cricotopus albiforceps, Cricotopus arcuatus, Cricotopus caducus, Cricotopus curtus, Cricotopus cylindraceus, Cricotopus tibialis, Cricotopus tristis, Cricotopus vierriensis, Cricotopus trifasciatus, Cricotopus (Cricotopus) albiforceps