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Natural History Museum's UK Species Inventory
Fungi and Lichens
Fungi, Ascomycota, Dothideomycetes, Botryosphaeriales, Botryosphaeriaceae, Diplodia
Diplodia buxi, Diplodia caespitosa, Diplodia confluens, Diplodia consors, Diplodia cowdellii, Diplodia faginea, Diplodia herbarum, Diplodia ilicicola, Diplodia inquinans, Diplodia lantanae, Diplodia laurina, Diplodia ligustri, Diplodia lonicerae, Diplodia lycopersici, Diplodia magnoliae, Diplodia mamillana, Diplodia melaena, Diplodia opuli, Diplodia paupercula, Diplodia populina, Diplodia quercus, Diplodia ramulicola, Diplodia rhamni, Diplodia rhododendri, Diplodia rosarum, Diplodia roumeguerei, Diplodia rubi, Diplodia rudis, Diplodia salicina, Diplodia sambucina, Diplodia subtecta, Diplodia sycina, Diplodia syringae, Diplodia taxi, Diplodia tecta, Diplodia tiliae, Diplodia ulicis, Diplodia vulgaris, Diplodia fagi, Diplodia hederae, Diplodia henriquesii, Diplodia malorum, Diplodia platanicola, Diplodia sarothamni, Diplodia aesculi, Diplodia bambusae, Diplodia acerina, Diplodia betae, Diplodia castaneae, Diplodia ilicis, Diplodia juniperi