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A collection of beasties and planties from my garden.
Gardens are really amazing. It is not only what you put in, but what visits. Friends, pests, eaters or friends, eaters of pests. Pollinators, predators, seed dispersers, parasites and many more. Weeds, aliens, invaders, pests. Grass growing in the flower beds, herbs growing in the lawns. Trees (and shrubs and ground covers) misbehaving by growing too big for their beds, or interfering with walls, plumbing, sewerage and foundations. Others never yielding their promised size or flowers or fruit or shade. Sun, shade, wet, dry, too clayey, too sandy, buried builders rubble. Gardens are as fascinating as natural ecosystems, not least because even though they are a mismatch of impossible guilds and origins and breeding, they still seem to work so well as "ecosystems".
And of course, apart from all the enjoyment, there are issues. I like a wild garden: the boss wants it manicured. I like natural species, the boss wants cultivars that grow. I like the walls ivy covered: the boss refuses to allow any ivy within 10m of the bedroom windows. We both love fresh vegetables but never seem to find time to look after them. And I wont mention the squirrels, or the Hadedahs.
30 May 2015
Tony Rebelo