southern African Community is moving.

southern African Community is moving. - Southern Africa :

The iSpot 5000 team (those users with over 5000 social points), have agreed that the southern Africa community will abandon iSpot and move to iNaturalist.  They have instructed SANBI to proceed with the divorce and negotiate for all our southern Africa data to migrate to iNaturalist.

There will henceforth be no SANBI support for iSpot southern Africa.  The old and outdated (Sept 2013) dictionary will not be updated - iSpot does not allow us to do so.

SANBI is busy negotiating terms with iNaturalist, but you are welcome to start using the site, where we will offer support until agreements are in place.  Many of our users are there already.

Please do not duplicate any data.  We will negotiate for your data submitted before 31 October 2017 to be copied over to iNaturalist.  It is up to you what you do with any of your data still on iSpot (continue with iSpot, leave a copy of your data here, or remove it - but do not do so before the migration is complete please).

To everyone who made iSpot southern Africa such a vibrant and exciting community this is a sad day.  Alas iSpot is no longer functioning in a way that meets our needs, and we have no choice.  Although SANBI has tried to get updates and improvements, we have had no joy.  We do hope that you will join us on iNaturalist and recreate our fun, learning and  exploration of our biodiversity.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

29 Oct 2017
Tony Rebelo