Manual of Afrotropical Diptera announcement

Manual of Afrotropical Diptera announcement - Southern Africa :

True flies, or Diptera, constitute one of the largest orders of insects in the biosphere, with over 160,000 described species worldwide, more than 20,000 of which occur in the Afrotropical Region. They are as diverse morphologically and biologically as they are numerous and many groups have evolved spectacular structural adaptations that are commensurate with their environment and biology. During their long evolutionary history, virtually every terrestrial niche has been occupied by the Diptera, making them one of the most successful groups of organisms on Earth. Many have co-evolved in association with other organisms and become highly specialised parasites or parasitoids of a range of disparate groups of plants and animals.

Whether focusing on their systematics, biology, biogeography, conservation, or the more applied aspects, the Diptera remain a fascinating and intriguing group. This four volume book, a collaboration of over 90 international experts on Diptera, is the first-ever synopsis of the 108 families of flies known from the Afrotropical Region and includes discussions on biology and immature stages, economic importance, classification, identification to the genus level, as well as a synopsis of each genus.

This work provides the basics for understanding the diversity of a major order of insects in a large tropical and sub-tropical region and is the first such synopsis of its kind for any major insect order occurring in the Afrotropics.



is published in full colour and comprises ±420 printed pages. The volume includes 11 general introductory chapters dealing with the history of Afrotropical dipterology, collection and preservation, morphology and terminology, natural history, agricultural and veterinary, medical, forensic and phytosanitary significance, biogeography, conservation and the phylogeny of flies.

The volume also includes identification keys to all Afrotropical fly families for both adult and larval stages. The text is richly illustrated with over 1,600 illustrations, including 40 colour maps, 800 colour and 60 black and white images and 690 line drawings of flies.


is published in full colour and comprises ±920 printed pages. The volume includes family chapters dealing with 43 of the 108 families of flies that occur in the region and covers the nematocerous Diptera and lower Brachycera (sometimes termed the lower Diptera). Each chapter includes a diagnosis of the family, sections dealing with biology and immature stages, classification and identification, an identification key to genera (if more than one) and a synopsis of the fauna section, arranged genus by genus alphabetically. The text is richly illustrated with over 2,900 illustrations, including 1,360 colour and 130 black andwhite images and 1,430 line drawings of flies.

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15 Sep 2017
Tony Rebelo