45 000 observations! Very many thanks and well done all!

45 000 observations! Very many thanks and well done all! - Southern Africa :

45 000 Observations at 17h15 on Wednesday 13 February 2013.
Very many thanks and well done all!

Countdown can be viewed live here under February End Statistics: http://www.ispot.org.za/Stats%20update

With 45 000 Observations, iSpot southern Africa is being used by more and more users.

Here we feature a few groups – mainly from our “Wanted” forum (http://www.ispot.org.za/forum/6621):

Web sites: Iziko’s Biodiversity Explorer is looking for images of plants, animals and fungi to illustrate species on the Museums of South Africa site. If you would like to help, or are happy for your pictures on iSpot to be used for this, please contact Hamish

Books: Several books are looking for images for publication. Users are usually requested on their observations for the relevant pictures. Please either reply in the comments or alternatively contact the author or publisher to refuse or accept the offer.

Keys: Several authors are developing keys and would like images. Currently you can contribute simply by placing pictures on iSpot for:
An electronic Aspalathus Key being developed by Dr Charlie Stirton
An electronic Erica Key which although available still has some pictures missing.
iSpot is also developing some Bayesian Keys – which when done will be available from your cellphones.
We are looking for data on several species – you can see them here: pictures wanted for keysVersion 4 of our first key is out to- Drosera We also have lots of keys here on iSpot – you can see some of them here: http://www.ispot.org.za/Plant%20keys

Researchers: Perhaps the biggest users are scientists – you can contribute to research on a host of species. Some want images, others localities and yet others observations: you can do all on iSpot:
Protea colours Parasitic plants HYOBANCHE - Catnail call Orobanche Alien Wasps Cape Dwarf Mountain Toad Survey AGAPANTHUS BORER

We even have requests from the Red List team to relocate populations and species. If you want to be involved, please regularly visit the Wanted Forum: for instance see - Hermas pillansii (Tontelblaar)

Other requests include Cape Hares, Riverine Rabbit, Ladybeetles (especially any that may be alien). Merely post them on iSpot and the researchers will obtain their data on site.

Alien speciesAlien species feature strongly and we have requests for sightings of Mallard, and from Cape Town of Guttural Toads and Reed Frogs. Merely post them on iSpot and the conservation agencies will be informed.

If you want to be involved in the Alien Rapid Response Programme initiative, then visit http://www.ispot.org.za/ARRP

Citizen Science projects: Interested in Western Leopard Toads and conserving them? Well if you have a toad in your garden or see one in the street, then upload your toad here

There are even competitions:
Why not join in the The Great Moth Caterpillar-hunt Challenge

It is also the Centenary of the Botanical Society of South Africa so why not take part in their competition – BotSoc Centenary Veld & Flora Cover Competition

Observation of the monthPlease don’t foget our observation of the month – see Observation of the Month

Societies represented on iSpot : http://www.ispot.org.za/representatives

If you would like iSpotters to help you collect distribution or photographic data, please go to http://www.ispot.org.za/forum/6621 (Wanted) and post a topic.

13 Feb 2013