2011 Summary

2011 Summary - Southern Africa : iSpot STATISTICS (05 January 2012) Statistics are generated by SQLs interrogating the various tables in iSpot. Some of the links are quite involved and we may have got a few statistics “muddled.” We will endeavour to perfect the

iSpot STATISTICS (05 January 2012)

Statistics are generated by SQLs interrogating the various tables in iSpot. Some of the links are quite involved and we may have got a few statistics “muddled.” We will endeavour to perfect them as our understanding of the database proceeds. Please treat these statistics with a little respect and a dose of suspicion.

Total number of Observations: 7152Total number of registered Users: 390

AGREEMENTSAgreements: 9759 agreements: 4865 observations with 2 or more agreements
Most agreements per observation: 10
Users who have posted more than 100 agreements: > 1000: tony rebelo
> 500: Jeff, Nicky, Gigi, outramps
> 200: marlandza, lynmac, Gerhard Diedericks, rudivs, Riaan Stals, Alexander
> 100: adriaan_grobler, c.summersgill, kenm, Carla, Jane, jacquesvdmerwe, anthony

COMMENTSComments: 5044Most comments: 21
Users who have posted more than 100 comments: tony rebelo, marlandza, rudivs, outramps, Riaan Stals, Gigi

DETERMINATIONSDeterminations: 8766 of which 6022 are “likely IDs”
Users who have posted more than 100 determinations: > 500: tony rebelo, outramps, Nicky, Marlandza
> 200: Gerhard Diedericks, Gigi, c.summersgill, Jeff, rudivs
> 100: Janeen Nichols, Ruedi Siegenthaler, miked, lynmac, jacquesvdmerwe, Alexander, Andrew Deacon, Jane, Riaan Stals, Andrewm

For an unidentified observation its takes on average 479 hours (~20 days) to an identification, with a median of within 3 hours. However, these figures include re-identifications, such as assigning a species to a subspecies or correcting an ID. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate time to first identification, or time to the currently “likely ID”. Many birds and mammals have recently been re-indentified to subspecies.


Top 10 Societies by members registered 26 Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers
18 Botanical Society of South Africa
18 Protea Atlas Project
14 South African National Biodiversity Institute
10 Botanical Society of South Africa A-team
8 South African National Parks Honorary Rangers
8 Cape Nature
7 South African National Parks
7 City of Cape Town Biodiversity Management Branch
6 Spider Club of South Africa

Observations per Society badge3158 Protea Atlas Project
2568 Botanical Society of South Africa
2321 South African National Biodiversity Institute
2061 Custodians of rare and Endangered Wildflowers
1888 South African National Parks Honorary Rangers
1740 Botanical Society of South Africa A-team
1728 Cape Bird Club
1681 Entomological Society of Southern Africa
198 South African National Parks
135 Cape Nature
103 City of Cape Town Environmental Resource Management

Society activity for top 12 Societies on iSpotAgreements Identifications Comments Observations Society
3917 3712 3005 2713 Protea Atlas Project
3867 2946 2950 1978 South African National Biodiversity Institute
3121 2532 2837 1504 Entomological Society of Southern Africa
2900 2590 2707 1661 South African National Parks Honorary Rangers
2892 2478 2689 1542 Botanical Society of South Africa A-team
2881 2464 2694 1532 Cape Bird Club
2798 2267 510 2109 Botanical Society of South Africa
2068 2069 597 1769 Custodians of rare and Endangered Wildflowers
123 190 58 155 South African National Parks
107 67 15 57 Cape Peninsula Spelaeological Society
59 119 24 103 Cape Nature
48 89 32 85 City of Cape Town Environmental Resource Management

Observers with more than 100 or more observations1497 tony rebelo
810 outramps
623 Nicky
465 marlandza
315 Gerhard Diedericks
241 miked
238 Gigi
205 Janeen Nichols
152 c.summersgill
149 Ruedi Siegenthaler
132 Jeff
118 lynmac
112 sarah-leigh
107 Jane
103 Andrew Deacon
103 Andrewm
100 jacquesvdmerwe

Top Social Scores (in descending order)Social Scores are for contributions to the site

7952 tony rebelo
2904 outramps
2161 Nicky
1819 Marlandza
1174 Gigi

910 Gerhard Diedericks
830 miked
755 Janeen Nichols
530 Jeff
530 Andrewm
502 Ruedi Siegenthaler

490 c.summersgill
475 sarah-leigh
472 lynmac
414 Jane
411 jacquesvdmerwe

346 rudivs
332 forshawn
305 Andrew Deacon
301 Chris Walker
300 Alexander

287 Lou
263 Outrampsjenny
216 Prix Burgoyne
212 kenm

188 adriaan_grobler
185 Vergenoegd
181 Riaan Stals
166 Grant Smith
161 Jonathan
161 johanbaard
158 riaan van der walt
154 anthony

Top Reputation Scores (in descending order) Reputation Scores are earned by correctly identifying species.
(How do you get a reputation? You need to “suggest an ID” that other users “I agree” with.)
Note that experts reputation scores are often low as there are fewer experts who “I agree” with them: their scores are not used by iSpot: they have 1000 Ruputation Points by default. Knowlegeable users have 500 points added to their Reputation Score when making identifications. Top reputations depend on the number of postings. Reputation Scores contribute both to Likely IDs and to earned scores.

Plants (>100): Outramps, tony rebelo, Nicky, marlandza, Jeff, Gigi, Janeen Nichols, Outrampsjenny, Jane, Andrewm, lynmac, forshawn, jacquesvdmerwe, miked, sarah-leigh
Birds (>10): rudivs, Lou, tony rebelo, Ruedi Siegenthaler, Gerhard Diedericks, c.summersgill, kenm, Gigi, Nicky, marlandza, Andrew Deacon
Mammals (>5): tony rebelo, Ruedi Siegenthaler, c.summersgill, kenm, Gerhard Diedericks, jacquesvdmerwe, marlandza, Andrew Deacon, Gigi, Nicky
Invertebrates (>5): Gerhard Diedericks, tony rebelo, Nicky, Riaan Stals, rudivs, Gigi, marlandza, Andrew Deacon, Ruedi Siegenthaler, Jeff, pgs, Jannie Groenewald
Amphibians and Reptiles (>4): tony rebelo, Christina, Grant Smith, Ruedi Siegenthaler, Alexander, Gerhard Diedericks, Nicky, Andrew Deacon
Fungi and Lichens (>1): Nicky, Ruedi Siegenthaler, flaxton, Gerhard Diedericks, miked, tony rebelo, Margaret, yvettevanwijk, adriaan_grobler
Fish (>0.5): riaan van der walt, kenm, tony rebelo, Andrew Deacon, Caroline Voget

Number of new observers per month11 March 2011
15 April 2011
25 May 2011
23 June 2011
23 July 2011
40 August 2011
53 September 2011
54 October 2011
58 November 2011
49 December 2011
11 January 2012

SPECIES The following statistics are based on the taxonomy as determined by the dictionary: this means that Invertebrates and Fungi are not tallied, and many bird species - which Users have added subspecies to – will also not be included. The dictionary will be updated to include most of these changes in Autumn.

Top 25 observed species (number of Observations) 31 Amietophrynus pantherinus Western Leopard Toad (Amphibians & Reptiles)
26 Hyobanche sanguinea Hairy Catsnails (Plants)
17 Protea neriifolia Narrowleaf Sugarbush (Plants)
17 Leucadendron salignum Common Sunshine Conebush (Plants)
16 Protea repens Common Sugarbush (Plants)
15 Chersina angulata Angulate Tortoise (Amphibians & Reptiles)
15 Procavia capensis subsp. capensis Rock Dassie (Mammals)
13 Protea cynaroides King Protea (Plants)
13 Pseudaspis cana Molesnake (Amphibians & Reptiles)
12 Bitis arietans subsp. arietans Puffadder (Amphibians & Reptiles)
12 Harmonia axyridis Harlequin Ladybeetle (Invertebrates: Aliens)
12 Leucospermum calligerum Arid Pincushion (Plants)
12 Loxodonta africana African Elephant (Mammals)
11 Ornithogalum dubium Yellow Chink (Plants)
11 Fulica cristata Redknob Coot (Birds)
11 Protea lepidocarpodendron Blackbeard Sugarbush (Plants)
11 Bubo africanus Spotted Eagle-Owl (Birds)
11 Erica cerinthoides var. cerinthoides Fire Heath (Plants)
11 Mimetes fimbriifolius Tree Pagoda (Plants)
11 Serruria fasciflora Common Pin Spiderhead (Plants)
11 Zantedeschia aethiopica Piglily (Plants)

Number of Observations per family544 Protea Family Proteaceae
424 Iris Family Iridaceae
377 Daisy Family Asteraceae
221 Heath Family Ericaceae
174 Orchid Family Orchidaceae
168 Pea Family Fabaceae
136 Snapdragon Family Scrophulariaceae
74 Aloe Family Asphodelaceae
71 Stonecrop Family Crassulaceae
69 Viooltjie Family Hyacinthaceae
69 Boegoe Family Rutaceae
67 Storksbill Family Geraniaceae
64 Broomrape Family Orobanchaceae
58 Spurge Family Euphorbiaceae
54 Gonna Family Thymelaeaceae
53 Milkweed Family Apocynaceae
52 Sorrel Family Oxalidaceae

32 Testudinidae
21 Cordylidae
19 Scincidae
18 Viperidae
17 Gekkonidae
16 Scarabaeidae

Species per group Note that in 10 months we have exceeded the species counts for the UK in many groups1677 Plants
166 Birds
71 Amphibians and Reptiles
65 Insects
64 Mammals
20 Chelicerae
15 Fish
3 Fungi and Lichens
1 Crustacea
1 Molluscs

Species per family303 Protea Family Proteaceae
298 Iris Family Iridaceae
285 Daisy Family Asteraceae
149 Heath Family Ericaceae
141 Pea Family Fabaceae
120 Orchid Family Orchidaceae
105 Snapdragon Family Scrophulariaceae
63 Stonecrop Family Crassulaceae
61 Aloe Family Asphodelaceae
56 Boegoe Family Rutaceae
55 Storksbill Family Geraniaceae
54 Viooltjie Family Hyacinthaceae
46 Milkweed Family Apocynaceae
43 Cape Reed Family Restionaceae
42 March Lily Family Amaryllidaceae
41 Gonna Family Thymelaeaceae
39 Spurge Family Euphorbiaceae
39 Broomrape Family Orobanchaceae
34 Mallow Family Malvaceae
34 Sorrel Family Oxalidaceae
32 Carrot Family Apiaceae

Non plants:
20 Snake Family Colubridae
13 Tortose Family Testudinidae
12 Scink Family Scincidae

10 Jan 2012
Tony Rebelo