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iSpot southern Africa Welcome - Southern Africa :

Welcome to iSpot southern Africa. Your one-stop shop for Biodiversity on the subcontinent. Please feel free to use the site for any interesting observation you may have, to document something, to obtain an ID - by adding an observation, by looking around, or more formally by using the browser (the "surfer") or the dictionary links. Please also help others by making an ID if you know something that someone else needs an ID for.

And by "I agree"-ing you can help beginners earn a reputation in a group that interests them (and you).

You can also use Projects to manage data for your own needs, from just getting a list, or learning a group, to starting a survey all the way to running a national atlassing scheme. Why not join some of our projects: SeaKeys, Sea Fish Atlas, Sea Slug Atlas, Alien Rapid Response, Roadkill, Protea Colour Morphs, Rearing caterpillars, Red List, CREW, and many others. Or help document interactions such as pollination, predation, parasitism for our national databases.

There is an exciting world waiting to be discovered. Southern Africa has much more than its fair share. Come and help us share it on iSpot. Any plant, animal or fungus is home on this site. Welcome to the iSpot community, where we share and learn about our biodiversity wealth. Here adults, kids, citizen scientists, amateurs, experts, connoisseurs, and interested people can rub shoulders and share their experiences. Societies, schemes, projects and enthusiasts all participate in this forum of exchange. Welcome!

28 Jun 2017
Tony Rebelo