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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Fungi and Lichens
Mycota, Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Sordariomycetes, Sordariomycetidae, Xylariales, Xylariaceae, Xylaria
Xylaria allantoidea, Xylaria anisopleura, Xylaria arbuscula, Xylaria aristata, Xylaria bulbosa, Xylaria capensis, Xylaria carpophila, Xylaria castorea, Xylaria corniformis, Xylaria cubensis, Xylaria digitata, Xylaria doumetii, Xylaria fistulosa, Xylaria heloidea, Xylaria hippoglossa, Xylaria hypoxylon, Xylaria ianthinovelutina, Xylaria multiplex, Xylaria myosurus, Xylaria nigripes, Xylaria oxyacanthae, Xylaria polymorpha, Xylaria reticulata, Xylaria rhopaloides, Xylaria schreuderiana, Xylaria schweinitzii, Xylaria stilboidea, Xylaria tabacina, Xylaria vaporaria, Xylaria variabilis