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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Fungi and Lichens
Mycota, Basidiomycota, Pucciniomycotina, Pucciniomycetes, Pucciniales, Pucciniaceae, Uromyces
Uromyces albucae, Uromyces alchemillae, Uromyces aloes, Uromyces alysicarpi, Uromyces anomathecae, Uromyces antholyzae, Uromyces appendiculatus, Uromyces argyrolobii, Uromyces badius, Uromyces barbeyanus, Uromyces betae, Uromyces bidentis, Uromyces bolusii, Uromyces bulbinus, Uromyces bylianus, Uromyces capensis, Uromyces caryophyllinus, Uromyces cassiaemimosoides, Uromyces chloridis, Uromyces circinalis, Uromyces clignyi, Uromyces cluytiae, Uromyces commelinae, Uromyces comptus, Uromyces dieramatis, Uromyces dolicholi, Uromyces drimiopsidis, Uromyces ecklonii, Uromyces ehrhartaegiganteae, Uromyces eragrostidis, Uromyces eriospermi, Uromyces ermelensis, Uromyces euphorbiicola, Uromyces fabae, Uromyces ferrariae, Uromyces fiorianus, Uromyces freesiae, Uromyces gladioli, Uromyces greenstockii, Uromyces harmsianus, Uromyces heteromorphae, Uromyces hobsonii, Uromyces holubii, Uromyces hypericifrondosi, Uromyces hypoxidis, Uromyces inaequialtus, Uromyces ipomoeae, Uromyces ixiae, Uromyces kentaniensis, Uromyces krantzbergensis, Uromyces lachenaliae, Uromyces leptodermus, Uromyces limonii, Uromyces maireanus, Uromyces massoniae, Uromyces melantherae, Uromyces mimusops, Uromyces moraeae, Uromyces mucunae, Uromyces natalensis, Uromyces paradoxus, Uromyces peglerae, Uromyces polemanniae, Uromyces polygoni, Uromyces pretoriensis, Uromyces proeminens, Uromyces pseudarthriae, Uromyces psoraleae, Uromyces rhodesicus, Uromyces rhynchosiae, Uromyces rumicis, Uromyces saginatus, Uromyces schinzianus, Uromyces setariaeitalicae, Uromyces sparaxidis, Uromyces strauchii, Uromyces striatus, Uromyces stylochitonis, Uromyces tenuicutis, Uromyces transversalis, Uromyces trichoneurae, Uromyces trifolii, Uromyces trollipii, Uromyces valerianae, Uromyces vignae, Uromyces zeyheri