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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Fungi and Lichens
Mycota, Basidiomycota, Agaricomycotina, Agaricomycetes, Polyporales, Polyporaceae, Polyporus
Polyporus adustus, Polyporus anebus, Polyporus arcularius, Polyporus arenosobasus, Polyporus australiensis, Polyporus caesius, Polyporus carneofulvus, Polyporus chioneus, Polyporus clemensiae, Polyporus conchatus, Polyporus confragosus, Polyporus crispus, Polyporus devians, Polyporus dictyopus, Polyporus doidgeae, Polyporus durbanensis, Polyporus durus, Polyporus elegans, Polyporus emerici, Polyporus eylesii, Polyporus favoloides, Polyporus flexilis, Polyporus fragilis, Polyporus fruticum, Polyporus fumosus, Polyporus gilvus, Polyporus goetzei, Polyporus grammocephalus, Polyporus hispidus, Polyporus immaculatus, Polyporus livingstoniensis, Polyporus nidulans, Polyporus ochroleucus, Polyporus ochroporus, Polyporus ostreiformis, Polyporus pancheri, Polyporus patouillardii, Polyporus picipes, Polyporus pocula, Polyporus raphanipes, Polyporus rheades, Polyporus rhipidium, Polyporus rugulosus, Polyporus sacer, Polyporus salisburiensis, Polyporus schreuderi, Polyporus schweinitzii, Polyporus sector, Polyporus subradiatus, Polyporus sulphureus, Polyporus telfairii, Polyporus trabeus, Polyporus transvaalensis, Polyporus trichiliae, Polyporus undatus, Polyporus undulatus, Polyporus vallatus, Polyporus varius, Polyporus vernicipes, Polyporus vicinus, Polyporus virgatus