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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Fungi and Lichens
Mycota, Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Sordariomycetes, Phyllachorales, Phyllachoraceae, Phyllachora
Phyllachora aberiae, Phyllachora amaniensis, Phyllachora anthistiriicola, Phyllachora arundinellae, Phyllachora baumii, Phyllachora bottomleyae, Phyllachora brachypodii, Phyllachora brachystegiae, Phyllachora burgessiae, Phyllachora caffra, Phyllachora capensis, Phyllachora chloridicola, Phyllachora chrysopogonis, Phyllachora circinata, Phyllachora crotonis, Phyllachora cynodontis, Phyllachora digitariae, Phyllachora digitaricola, Phyllachora doidgeae, Phyllachora dombeyae, Phyllachora elyonuri, Phyllachora eragrostidicola, Phyllachora evansii, Phyllachora ficuum, Phyllachora goyazensis, Phyllachora grammica, Phyllachora grewiae, Phyllachora halsei, Phyllachora heterospora, Phyllachora hieronymi, Phyllachora howardiana, Phyllachora kniphofiae, Phyllachora leptocarydii, Phyllachora loudetiae, Phyllachora melianthi, Phyllachora melinicola, Phyllachora microstegia, Phyllachora minuta, Phyllachora miscanthidii, Phyllachora morganae, Phyllachora myrsinicola, Phyllachora nervisequens, Phyllachora peglerae, Phyllachora peltophori, Phyllachora penniseti, Phyllachora permutata, Phyllachora perotidis, Phyllachora placida, Phyllachora pretoriae, Phyllachora proteae, Phyllachora pterocarpi, Phyllachora puncta, Phyllachora repens, Phyllachora rikatliensis, Phyllachora sanguinolenta, Phyllachora schizachyrii, Phyllachora schotiae, Phyllachora strelitziae, Phyllachora striatula, Phyllachora superba, Phyllachora tecleae, Phyllachora tephrosiae, Phyllachora transvaalensis, Phyllachora tricholaenae, Phyllachora winkleri, Phyllachora woodiana