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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Pterygota, Hymenoptera, Apocrita, Sphecoidea, Sphecidae, Bembix
Bembix abercornensis, Bembix afra, Bembix alacris, Bembix albata, Bembix albidula, Bembix albofasciata, Bembix albopilosa, Bembix angulifera, Bembix anomalipes, Bembix arnoldi, Bembix atrospinosa, Bembix baumanni, Bembix bequaerti, Bembix brachyptera, Bembix braunsii, Bembix bubalus, Bembix cameronis, Bembix capensis, Bembix capicola, Bembix carinata, Bembix compedita, Bembix cultrifera, Bembix dahlbomii, Bembix denticauda, Bembix diversidens, Bembix diversipennis, Bembix fantiorum, Bembix fischeri, Bembix flavocincta, Bembix forcipata, Bembix fraudulenta, Bembix freygessneri, Bembix fuscipennis, Bembix guigliae, Bembix harenarum, Bembix hova, Bembix karooensis, Bembix labidura, Bembix liturata, Bembix lusca, Bembix madecassa, Bembix melanopa, Bembix moebii, Bembix monedula, Bembix notabilis, Bembix ochracea, Bembix odontopyga, Bembix olivata, Bembix opima, Bembix rava, Bembix refuscata, Bembix regnata, Bembix scaura, Bembix sibilans, Bembix speciosa, Bembix splendida, Bembix stevensoni, Bembix tiangulifera, Bembix ugandensis, Bembix ulula, Bembix usheri, Bembix velox, Bembix venusta, Bembix zinni, Bembix albicapilla, Bembix bequearti dira, Bembix grisescens, Bembix junodi, Bembix kriechbaumeri subsp. kriechbaumeri, Bembix kriechbaumeri subsp. scitula, Bembix liturata subsp. flavopicta, Bembix liturata subsp. liturata, Bembix melanopa subsp. algoensis, Bembix melanopa subsp. melanopa, Bembix obtusa, Bembix triangulifera, Bembix tricolor, Bembix undulata, Bembix versuta