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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Pterygota, Hymenoptera, Apocrita, Sphecoidea, Sphecidae, Bembecinus
Bembecinus aemulus, Bembecinus angustifrons, Bembecinus assentator, Bembecinus atratus, Bembecinus barkeri, Bembecinus bidens, Bembecinus boer, Bembecinus braunsii, Bembecinus bredoi, Bembecinus buyssoni, Bembecinus caffer, Bembecinus cinguliger, Bembecinus corpulentus, Bembecinus dentiventris, Bembecinus distinctus, Bembecinus flavipes, Bembecinus fraterculus, Bembecinus gracilis, Bembecinus haemorrhoidalis, Bembecinus haplocerus, Bembecinus herbsti, Bembecinus hirtiusculus, Bembecinus hyperocrus, Bembecinus jacksoni, Bembecinus kachelibae, Bembecinus karooensis, Bembecinus kobrowi, Bembecinus kotschyi, Bembecinus latericaudatus, Bembecinus laterimacula, Bembecinus laticinctus, Bembecinus loriculatus, Bembecinus mirus, Bembecinus mitulus, Bembecinus monodon, Bembecinus multiguttatus, Bembecinus nemoralis, Bembecinus nyasae, Bembecinus oxydorcus, Bembecinus polychromus, Bembecinus proteus, Bembecinus rectilateralis, Bembecinus robustus, Bembecinus sipapomae, Bembecinus tenellus, Bembecinus varians, Bembecinus witzenbergensis, Bembecinus argentifrons, Bembecinus haemmorhoidalis, Bembecinus hoplites, Bembecinus hoplites minor, Bembecinus laticaudatus, Bembecinus maior, Bembecinus mutabilis, Bembecinus pakhuisae, Bembecinus rhopaloceroides, Bembecinus rhopalocerus, Bembecinus ruficaudus, Bembecinus solitarius, Bembecinus zebratus