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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Animalia, Arthropoda, Chelicerata, Arachnida, Araneae, Araneomorphae, Selenopidae, Anyphops
Anyphops capensis, Anyphops alticola, Anyphops amatolae, Anyphops atomarius, Anyphops barbertonensis, Anyphops barnardi, Anyphops bechuanicus, Anyphops braunsi, Anyphops broomi, Anyphops caledonicus, Anyphops civicus, Anyphops decoratus, Anyphops dubiosus, Anyphops fitzsimonsi, Anyphops gilli, Anyphops helenae, Anyphops hessei, Anyphops hewitti, Anyphops immaculatus, Anyphops karrooicus, Anyphops kraussi, Anyphops lawrencei, Anyphops leleupi, Anyphops lesserti, Anyphops lignicola, Anyphops lochiel, Anyphops longipedatus, Anyphops lucia, Anyphops lycosiformis, Anyphops maculosus, Anyphops marshalli, Anyphops minor, Anyphops montanus, Anyphops mumai, Anyphops namaquensis, Anyphops natalensis, Anyphops ngome, Anyphops parvulus, Anyphops phallus, Anyphops pococki, Anyphops purcelli, Anyphops regalis, Anyphops reservatus, Anyphops rubicundus, Anyphops schoenlandi, Anyphops septemspinatus, Anyphops sexspinatus, Anyphops silvicolellus, Anyphops spenceri, Anyphops stauntoni, Anyphops stridulans, Anyphops thornei, Anyphops transvaalicus, Anyphops tuckeri, Anyphops tugelanus, Anyphops whiteae