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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Pterygota, Hymenoptera, Apocrita, Apoidea, Colletidae, Colletes
Colletes abnormis, Colletes africanus, Colletes albohirtus, Colletes antecessus, Colletes aureocinctus, Colletes azurescens, Colletes capensis, Colletes cinctellus, Colletes cinereus, Colletes claripes, Colletes clubi, Colletes cyanonitidus, Colletes denudatus, Colletes fasciatus, Colletes fascicularis, Colletes fusconotus, Colletes genialis, Colletes gessi, Colletes goodhopei, Colletes hereroensis, Colletes hirtibasis, Colletes karooensis, Colletes kindaidii, Colletes knersvlaktei, Colletes latefasciatus, Colletes laticauda, Colletes malleatus, Colletes malmus, Colletes marleyi, Colletes microdontus, Colletes missionum, Colletes montacuti, Colletes nieuwoudvillei, Colletes opaciventris, Colletes opacus, Colletes pohli, Colletes rozeni, Colletes ruficollis, Colletes rufotibialis, Colletes schultzei, Colletes sinescopae, Colletes sororcula, Colletes stellatus, Colletes tarsatus, Colletes testaceipes, Colletes tulbaghensis, Colletes watmoughi, Colletes whiteheadi, Colletes zuluensis, Colletes zygophyllum