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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Pterygota, Lepidoptera, Glossata, Neolepidoptera, Heteroneura, Eulepidoptera, Obtectomera, Papilionoidea, Nymphalidae, Heliconiinae, Acraeini, Acraea
Acraea acara subsp. melanophanes, Acraea asema, Acraea atolmis, Acraea brainei, Acraea cuva, Acraea dondoensis, Acraea egina subsp. areca, Acraea ella, Acraea hypoleuca, Acraea insignis subsp. gorongozae, Acraea nohara subsp. halali, Acraea omrora subsp. omrora, Acraea zetes subsp. zetes, Acraea aglaonice, Acraea anemosa, Acraea atergatis, Acraea axina, Acraea barberi, Acraea horta, Acraea lygus, Acraea machequena, Acraea natalica, Acraea oncaea, Acraea petraea, Acraea pseudatolmis, Acraea satis, Acraea stenobea, Acraea trimeni, Acraea violarum, Acraea acara subsp. acara, Acraea acrita subsp. acrita, Acraea acrita subsp. ambigua, Acraea aganice subsp. aganice, Acraea boopis subsp. boopis, Acraea caldarena subsp. caldarena, Acraea neobule subsp. neobule, Acraea nohara subsp. nohara, Acraea rabbaiae subsp. perlucida