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Ant Blues
Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Pterygota, Lepidoptera, Glossata, Neolepidoptera, Heteroneura, Eulepidoptera, Obtectomera, Papilionoidea, Lycaenidae, Polyommatinae, Polyommatini, Lepidochrysops
Lepidochrysops badhami, Lepidochrysops barnesi, Lepidochrysops chittyi, Lepidochrysops chloauges, Lepidochrysops coxii, Lepidochrysops gydoae, Lepidochrysops inyangae, Lepidochrysops jamesi subsp. claassensi, Lepidochrysops jamesi subsp. jamesi, Lepidochrysops kocak, Lepidochrysops longifalces, Lepidochrysops mashuna, Lepidochrysops michellae, Lepidochrysops outeniqua, Lepidochrysops peculiaris, Lepidochrysops pephredo subsp. hypoleucus, Lepidochrysops poseidon, Lepidochrysops quickelbergei, Lepidochrysops ruthica, Lepidochrysops solwezii, Lepidochrysops violetta, Lepidochrysops penningtoni, Lepidochrysops asteris, Lepidochrysops australis, Lepidochrysops bacchus, Lepidochrysops balli, Lepidochrysops braueri, Lepidochrysops dukei, Lepidochrysops grahami, Lepidochrysops hypopolia, Lepidochrysops ignota, Lepidochrysops irvingi, Lepidochrysops jefferyi, Lepidochrysops lerothodi, Lepidochrysops letsea, Lepidochrysops littoralis, Lepidochrysops loewensteini, Lepidochrysops lotana, Lepidochrysops mcgregori, Lepidochrysops oosthuizeni, Lepidochrysops ortygia, Lepidochrysops patricia, Lepidochrysops pephredo subsp. pephredo, Lepidochrysops praeterita, Lepidochrysops pringlei, Lepidochrysops procera, Lepidochrysops puncticilia, Lepidochrysops robertsoni, Lepidochrysops rossouwi, Lepidochrysops southeyae, Lepidochrysops swanepoeli, Lepidochrysops swartbergensis, Lepidochrysops tantalus, Lepidochrysops titei, Lepidochrysops trimeni, Lepidochrysops vansoni, Lepidochrysops variabilis, Lepidochrysops victori, Lepidochrysops wykehami, Lepidochrysops glauca, Lepidochrysops ketsi subsp. ketsi, Lepidochrysops ketsi subsp. leucomacula, Lepidochrysops methymna subsp. dicksoni, Lepidochrysops methymna subsp. methymna, Lepidochrysops oreas subsp. junae, Lepidochrysops oreas subsp. oreas, Lepidochrysops plebeia subsp. plebeia