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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Animalia, Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta, Pterygota, Lepidoptera, Glossata, Neolepidoptera, Heteroneura, Eulepidoptera, Obtectomera, Papilionoidea, Lycaenidae, Theclinae, Aphnaeini, Aloeides
Aloeides carolynnae subsp. carolynnae, Aloeides argenteus, Aloeides barbarae, Aloeides caledoni, Aloeides lutescens, Aloeides merces, Aloeides molomo subsp. coalescens, Aloeides monticola, Aloeides mullini, Aloeides namibiensis, Aloeides nubilus, Aloeides pallida subsp. jonathani, Aloeides pallida subsp. juno, Aloeides pallida subsp. liversidgei, Aloeides pringlei, Aloeides rossouwi, Aloeides stevensoni, Aloeides tearei, Aloeides titei, Aloeides almeida, Aloeides apicalis, Aloeides aranda, Aloeides arida, Aloeides bamptoni, Aloeides barklyi, Aloeides braueri, Aloeides caffrariae, Aloeides clarki, Aloeides depicta, Aloeides dicksoni, Aloeides dryas, Aloeides egerides, Aloeides gowani, Aloeides henningi, Aloeides juana, Aloeides kaplani, Aloeides macmasteri, Aloeides maluti, Aloeides margaretae, Aloeides mbuluensis, Aloeides nollothi, Aloeides oreas, Aloeides penningtoni, Aloeides pierus, Aloeides plowesi, Aloeides quickelbergei, Aloeides rileyi, Aloeides simplex, Aloeides susanae, Aloeides swanepoeli, Aloeides taikosama, Aloeides vansoni, Aloeides carolynnae subsp. aurata, Aloeides damarensis subsp. damarensis, Aloeides damarensis subsp. mashona, Aloeides dentatis subsp. dentatis, Aloeides dentatis subsp. maseruna, Aloeides molomo subsp. krooni, Aloeides molomo subsp. molomo, Aloeides pallida subsp. grandis, Aloeides pallida subsp. littoralis, Aloeides pallida subsp. pallida, Aloeides thyra subsp. orientis, Aloeides thyra subsp. thyra, Aloeides trimeni subsp. southeyae, Aloeides trimeni subsp. trimeni