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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Animalia, Chordata, Vertebrata, Gnathostomata, Osteichthyes, Actinopterygii, Teleostei, Euteleostei, Ostariophysi, Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae, Barbus
Barbus elephantis, Barbus zanzibaricus, Barbus mulangensis, Barbus paludinosus, Barbus quadripunctatus, Barbus punctitaeniatus, Barbus puellus, Barbus profundus, Barbus poechii, Barbus pleurogramma, Barbus plebejus, Barbus permistus, Barbus pellegrini, Barbus pallidus, Barbus oxyrhynchus, Barbus olivaceus, Barbus oligolepis, Barbus oligogrammus, Barbus nyanzae, Barbus niokoloensis, Barbus nigeriensis, Barbus neumayeri, Barbus neefi, Barbus musumbi, Barbus multilineatus, Barbus perince, Barbus treurensis, Barbus yongei, Barbus viviparus, Barbus variabilis, Barbus unitaeniatus, Barbus umbeluziensis, Barbus tropidolepis, Barbus trispilopleura, Barbus trispilomimus, Barbus trevelyani, Barbus toppini, Barbus thamalakaneneis, Barbus tangandensis, Barbus sylvaticus, Barbus stigmatopygus, Barbus seymouri, Barbus serra, Barbus radiatus, Barbus trimaculatus, Barbus janssensi, Barbus anoplus, Barbus longiceps, Barbus litamisa, Barbus litamba, Barbus lineomaculatus, Barbus leptopogon, Barbus leonensis, Barbus lauzannei, Barbus luapulae, Barbus kerstenii, Barbus luikae, Barbus jacksonii, Barbus intermedius, Barbus innocens, Barbus hulstaerti, Barbus hospes, Barbus barnardi, Barbus kessleri, Barbus atromaculatus, Barbus apleurogramma, Barbus arcislongae, Barbus argentens, Barbus lornae, Barbus atkinsoni, Barbus barbus, Barbus meridionalis, Barbus mattozi, Barbus manicensis, Barbus macrotaenia, Barbus macrops, Barbus macrolepis, Barbus lujae, Barbus argenteus, Barbus hessleri, Barbus cercops, Barbus choloensis, Barbus collarti, Barbus dorsolineatus, Barbus erubescens, Barbus eutaenia, Barbus greenwoodi, Barbus guirali, Barbus haasianus, Barbus callensis, Barbus holotaenia, Barbus gurneyi, Barbus brazzai, Barbus barotseensis, Barbus bawkuensis, Barbus bellcrossi, Barbus bifrenatus, Barbus camptacanthus, Barbus brachygramma, Barbus callipterus, Barbus brevicauda, Barbus breviceps, Barbus brevidorsalis, Barbus brevipinnis, Barbus bynni, Barbus calidus, Barbus amatolicus, Barbus altianalis, Barbus afrovernayi, Barbus afrohamiltoni, Barbus ablabes, Barbus andrewi, Barbus miolepis, Barbus motebensis, Barbus mocoensis, Barbus annectens, Barbus bernardcarpi, Barbus binotatus, Barbus canis, Barbus caudovittatus, Barbus codringtonii, Barbus fasciolatus, Barbus fitzsimonsi, Barbus gunningi, Barbus johnstonii, Barbus lineolatus, Barbus longicauda, Barbus macrurus, Barbus pienaarii, Barbus pleuropholis, Barbus rapax, Barbus serrula, Barbus taitensis, Barbus tanensis, Barbus thamalakanensis, Barbus tsotsorogensis