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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Monocotyledonopsida, Lilianae, Asparagales, Asparagacea, Asparagaceae, Asparagus
Asparagus breviflorus, Asparagus acocksii, Asparagus angusticladus, Asparagus suaveolens, Asparagus subulatus, Asparagus transvaalensis, Asparagus undulatus, Asparagus virgatus, Asparagus volubilis, Asparagus asparagoides, Asparagus officinalis, Asparagus asiaticus, Asparagus angolensis, Asparagus petersianus, Asparagus flagellaris, Asparagus sylvicola, Asparagus elephantinus, Asparagus hirsutus, Asparagus aspergillus, Asparagus bayeri, Asparagus bechuanicus, Asparagus aethiopicus, Asparagus biflorus, Asparagus buchananii, Asparagus burchellii, Asparagus capensis var. capensis, Asparagus capensis var. litoralis, Asparagus clareae, Asparagus coddii, Asparagus concinnus, Asparagus confertus, Asparagus cooperi, Asparagus crassicladus, Asparagus declinatus, Asparagus densiflorus, Asparagus denudatus, Asparagus devenishii, Asparagus divaricatus, Asparagus africanus, Asparagus edulis, Asparagus exsertus, Asparagus exuvialis forma ecklonii, Asparagus exuvialis forma exuvialis, Asparagus falcatus, Asparagus fasciculatus, Asparagus filicladus, Asparagus flavicaulis subsp. flavicaulis, Asparagus flavicaulis subsp. setulosus, Asparagus fourei, Asparagus fractiflexus, Asparagus glaucus, Asparagus graniticus, Asparagus intricatus, Asparagus juniperoides, Asparagus kraussianus, Asparagus krebsianus, Asparagus laricinus, Asparagus lignosus, Asparagus longicladus, Asparagus lynetteae, Asparagus macowanii, Asparagus mariae, Asparagus microraphis, Asparagus minutiflorus, Asparagus mollis, Asparagus mucronatus, Asparagus multiflorus, Asparagus multituberosus, Asparagus natalensis, Asparagus nelsii, Asparagus nodulosus, Asparagus oliveri, Asparagus ovatus, Asparagus aggregatus, Asparagus oxyacanthus, Asparagus pearsonii, Asparagus pendulus, Asparagus plumosus, Asparagus racemosus, Asparagus ramosissimus, Asparagus recurvispinus, Asparagus retrofractus, Asparagus rigidus, Asparagus alopecurus, Asparagus rubicundus, Asparagus scandens, Asparagus schroederi, Asparagus sekukuniensis, Asparagus setaceus, Asparagus spinescens, Asparagus stellatus, Asparagus stipulaceus, Asparagus striatus