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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Monocotyledonopsida, Lilianae, Asparagales, Iridaceae, Ixioideae, Ixieae, Hesperantha
Hesperantha radiata subsp. caricina, Hesperantha kiaratayloriae, Hesperantha radiata subsp. radiata, Hesperantha bulbifera, Hesperantha brevistyla, Hesperantha decipiens, Hesperantha debilis, Hesperantha exiliflora, Hesperantha glabrescens, Hesperantha rupicola, Hesperantha candida, Hesperantha saxicola, Hesperantha stenosiphon, Hesperantha sufflava, Hesperantha helmei, Hesperantha lithicola, Hesperantha longistyla, Hesperantha cedarmontana, Hesperantha acuta subsp. acuta, Hesperantha acuta subsp. tugwelliae, Hesperantha ciliolata, Hesperantha crocopsis, Hesperantha cucullata, Hesperantha curvula, Hesperantha elsiae, Hesperantha erecta, Hesperantha falcata, Hesperantha alborosea, Hesperantha fibrosa, Hesperantha flava, Hesperantha flexuosa, Hesperantha glareosa, Hesperantha gracilis, Hesperantha grandiflora, Hesperantha hantamensis, Hesperantha humilis, Hesperantha hutchingsiae, Hesperantha huttonii, Hesperantha hygrophila, Hesperantha ingeliensis, Hesperantha juncifolia, Hesperantha karooica, Hesperantha lactea, Hesperantha latifolia, Hesperantha bachmannii, Hesperantha longicollis, Hesperantha longituba, Hesperantha luticola, Hesperantha marlothii, Hesperantha minima, Hesperantha montigena, Hesperantha muirii, Hesperantha namaquana, Hesperantha oligantha, Hesperantha baurii subsp. baurii, Hesperantha pallescens, Hesperantha pauciflora, Hesperantha pilosa, Hesperantha pseudopilosa, Hesperantha pubinervia, Hesperantha baurii subsp. formosa, Hesperantha pulchra, Hesperantha purpurea, Hesperantha quadrangula, Hesperantha rivulicola, Hesperantha rupestris, Hesperantha saldanhae, Hesperantha schelpeana, Hesperantha schlechteri, Hesperantha scopulosa, Hesperantha spicata subsp. fistulosa, Hesperantha spicata subsp. graminifolia, Hesperantha spicata subsp. spicata, Hesperantha teretifolia, Hesperantha truncatula, Hesperantha brevifolia, Hesperantha umbricola, Hesperantha vaginata, Hesperantha woodii, Hesperantha coccinea, Hesperantha petitiana, Hesperantha modesta, Hesperantha inconspicua, Hesperantha ballii, Hesperantha malvina, Hesperantha leucantha, Hesperantha brevicaulis, Hesperantha altimontana