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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Fungi and Lichens
Mycota, Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Lecanoromycetes, Ostropomycetidae, Pertusariales, Pertusariaceae, Pertusaria
Pertusaria amara, Pertusaria granulata, Pertusaria leioplaca, Pertusaria rhodesiaca, Pertusaria trypetheliiformis, Pertusaria clercii, Pertusaria granulata var. variolarioides, Pertusaria petrophyes, Pertusaria subventosa, Pertusaria subventosa var. deficiens, Pertusaria ventosa, Pertusaria wawreanoides, Pertusaria simplex, Pertusaria leioplaca var. leioplaca, Pertusaria praelutescens, Pertusaria polycarpiza, Pertusaria ophthalmiza, Pertusaria multipuncta, Pertusaria monogona, Pertusaria maximiliana, Pertusaria mairei, Pertusaria lapieana, Pertusaria lactea, Pertusaria ilicicola, Pertusaria leioplaca var. pycnocarpa, Pertusaria heterochroa, Pertusaria gattefossei, Pertusaria gallica, Pertusaria flavida, Pertusaria coriacea var. coriacea, Pertusaria carneopallida, Pertusaria aspergilla, Pertusaria areolata, Pertusaria albescens var. albescens, Pertusaria debazaci, Pertusaria excludens, Pertusaria ficorum, Pertusaria melanochlora, Pertusaria pertusa var. polycarpa, Pertusaria teneriffensis, Pertusaria gibberosa, Pertusaria alpina, Pertusaria chiodectonoides, Pertusaria leonina, Pertusaria amara var. amara, Pertusaria ambigens, Pertusaria amara var. capensis, Pertusaria aperta, Pertusaria casta, Pertusaria coccodes, Pertusaria commutans, Pertusaria coriacea var. obducens, Pertusaria chloropolia, Pertusaria cryptostoma, Pertusaria dispersa, Pertusaria duplicata, Pertusaria elatior, Pertusaria enterostigmoides, Pertusaria euglypta, Pertusaria flavens, Pertusaria flavicunda, Pertusaria granulata var. granulata, Pertusaria diaziana, Pertusaria granulata var. variolarioides Flot., Pertusaria inquinata, Pertusaria laevigata, Pertusaria leioplacella, Pertusaria leucosoroides, Pertusaria limosa, Pertusaria mamillana, Pertusaria pustulata, Pertusaria melaleuca, Pertusaria eyelpistia, Pertusaria melanospora, Pertusaria microthelia, Pertusaria multiplicans, Pertusaria nivea, Pertusaria orbiculata, Pertusaria pertusa var. pertusa, Pertusaria rhodesica, Pertusaria spaniostoma, Pertusaria subdealbata, Pertusaria subvelatula, Pertusaria hemisphaerica, Pertusaria dealbata, Pertusaria thiostoma, Pertusaria stalactiza, Pertusaria tropica, Pertusaria salax, Pertusaria velata, Pertusaria vepallida, Pertusaria wawreana, Pertusaria wawraenoides, Pertusaria wilmsii, Pertusaria xanthomelaena, Pertusaria xanthothelia, Pertusaria colliculosa, Pertusaria hymenea, Pertusaria pertusa var. rupestris, Pertusaria tazzakensis, Pertusaria rupicola, Pertusaria pseudocorallina