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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Fungi and Lichens
Mycota, Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Lecanoromycetes, Lecanoromycetidae, Teloschistales, Physciaceae, Physcia
Physcia adglutinata, Physcia aegialita, Physcia africana, Physcia crispa, Physcia dilatata, Physcia dimidiata, Physcia integrata, Physcia obscura, Physcia picta, Physcia setosa, Physcia stellaris, Physcia subpicta, Physcia tribacoides, Physcia aegiliata, Physcia aipolia, Physcia aipolia var. alnophila, Physcia cripsa forma melanophthalma, Physcia flava, Physcia integrata var. obessa, Physcia isidiophora, Physcia picta forma isidiifera, Physcia setosa forma deminuta, Physcia setosa forma virella, Physcia syncolla, Physcia hispidula, Physcia flammula, Physcia krogiae, Physcia verrucosa, Physcia abbreviata, Physcia afra, Physcia dimidiata forma ornata, Physcia disjuncta, Physcia stellaris var. radiata, Physcia tenella subsp. marina, Physcia adglutinata var. adglutinata, Physcia flavicans, Physcia speciosa var. speciosa, Physcia adglutinata var. pyrithrocardia, Physcia coccinea, Physcia dalei, Physcia kigeziensis, Physcia nigeriensis, Physcia reticulata, Physcia adscendens, Physcia affixa, Physcia albata, Physcia aipolia var. aipolia, Physcia aipolia var. acrita, Physcia aipolia var. alnifolia, Physcia applanata, Physcia atrostriata, Physcia biziana, Physcia caesia, Physcia clementiana, Physcia jackii, Physcia crispa forma melanophthalma, Physcia crispa forma crispa, Physcia dilatata subsp. dilatata, Physcia dilatata subsp. phaeocarpa, Physcia dimidiata forma dimidiata, Physcia dubia, Physcia erosula, Physcia undulata, Physcia endochrysea, Physcia endococcina, Physcia erythrocardia, Physcia hispida, Physcia integrata var. integrata, Physcia integrata var. obsessa, Physcia melanocarpoides, Physcia obscura var. obscura, Physcia obscura var. chloantha, Physcia obscura var. glaucovirens, Physcia ochroleuca, Physcia poncinsii, Physcia pulverulenta, Physcia stellaris var. stellaris, Physcia tribacia, Physcia tribacioides, Physcia venustula, Physcia zuluensis, Physcia tenella subsp. tenella, Physcia semipinnata, Physcia phaea, Physcia isidiata, Physcia clementei, Physcia albinea, Physcia speciosa var. dactyliza, Physcia speciosa var. hypoleuca, Physcia albo-plumbea, Physcia erumpens, Physcia fragilescens