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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Eudicotyledonopsida, Rosanae, Myrtales, Myrtaceae, Eugenia
Eugenia albanensis, Eugenia simii, Eugenia umtamvunensis, Eugenia uniflora, Eugenia verdoorniae, Eugenia woodii, Eugenia zeyheri, Eugenia zuluensis, Eugenia afzelii, Eugenia ancorifera, Eugenia buchholzii, Eugenia capensis subsp. capensis, Eugenia bukobensis, Eugenia calophylloides, Eugenia capensis subsp. gracilipes, Eugenia congolensis, Eugenia coronata, Eugenia demeusei, Eugenia dewevrei, Eugenia diminutiflora, Eugenia dusenii, Eugenia elliotii, Eugenia fernandopoana, Eugenia gabonensis, Eugenia gilgii, Eugenia imbricato-cordata, Eugenia kalbreyeri, Eugenia kameruniana, Eugenia kerstingii, Eugenia klaineana, Eugenia leonensis, Eugenia liberiana, Eugenia erythrophylla, Eugenia librevillensis, Eugenia malangensis, Eugenia marquesii, Eugenia memecyloides, Eugenia nigerina, Eugenia obanensis, Eugenia ogoouensis, Eugenia pobeguinii, Eugenia salacioides, Eugenia subherbacea, Eugenia sumbensis, Eugenia talbotii, Eugenia tholloni, Eugenia togoensis, Eugenia whytei, Eugenia yangambiensis, Eugenia dinklagei, Eugenia kamerunica, Eugenia ledermannii, Eugenia somalensis, Eugenia tabouensis, Eugenia tungo, Eugenia brasiliensis, Eugenia luschnathiana, Eugenia crossopterygoides, Eugenia jambolana, Eugenia eucalyptoides, Eugenia incerta, Eugenia mespiloides, Eugenia natalitia, Eugenia michelii, Eugenia selloi, Eugenia smithii, Eugenia paniculata var. australis, Eugenia capensis subsp. gueinzii, Eugenia capensis subsp. zeyheri, Eugenia capensis subsp. a, Eugenia nyassensis, Eugenia pusilla