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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Eudicotyledonopsida, Rosanae, Fabales, Fabaceae, Caesalpinioideae, Detarieae, Cynometra
Cynometra alexandri, Cynometra longepedicellata, Cynometra lujae, Cynometra lukei, Cynometra mannii, Cynometra megalophylla, Cynometra michelsonii, Cynometra nyangensis, Cynometra oddonii, Cynometra palustris, Cynometra pedicellata, Cynometra ananta, Cynometra sanagaensis, Cynometra schlechteri, Cynometra sessiliflora var. laurentii, Cynometra suaheliensis, Cynometra ulugurensis, Cynometra vogelii, Cynometra webberi, Cynometra brachyrrachis, Cynometra filifera, Cynometra cauliflora, Cynometra congensis, Cynometra trinitensis, Cynometra leonensis subsp. leonensis, Cynometra sessiliflora var. sessiliflora, Cynometra dauphinensis, Cynometra fischeri, Cynometra engleri, Cynometra gilmanii, Cynometra greenwayi, Cynometra hankei, Cynometra leonensis subsp. teixeirae, Cynometra le-testui