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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Eudicotyledonopsida, Rosanae, Fabales, Fabaceae, Faboideae, Millettieae, Tephrosia
Tephrosia acaciifolia, Tephrosia pondoensis, Tephrosia pumila var. pumila, Tephrosia purpurea subsp. canescens, Tephrosia purpurea subsp. leptostachya var. delagoensis, Tephrosia purpurea subsp. leptostachya var. leptostachya, Tephrosia purpurea subsp. leptostachya var. pubescens, Tephrosia purpurea subsp. purpurea, Tephrosia radicans, Tephrosia reptans var. reptans, Tephrosia retusa, Tephrosia rhodesica var. evansii, Tephrosia rhodesica var. rhodesica, Tephrosia semiglabra, Tephrosia shiluwanensis, Tephrosia subulata, Tephrosia uniflora subsp. uniflora, Tephrosia bachmannii, Tephrosia villosa subsp. ehrenbergiana var. daviesii, Tephrosia villosa subsp. ehrenbergiana var. ehrenbergiana, Tephrosia virgata, Tephrosia vogelii, Tephrosia zoutpansbergensis, Tephrosia acaciaefolia, Tephrosia aequilata subsp. gorongosana, Tephrosia aequilata subsp. mlanjeana, Tephrosia aequilata subsp. namuliana, Tephrosia andongensis, Tephrosia anomala, Tephrosia apollinea, Tephrosia arabica, Tephrosia argyrolampra, Tephrosia argyrotricha, Tephrosia brummittii, Tephrosia athiensis, Tephrosia aurantiaca, Tephrosia berhautiana, Tephrosia bracteolata var. strigulosa, Tephrosia capitata, Tephrosia cephalophora, Tephrosia chimanimaniana, Tephrosia chisumpae, Tephrosia cordatistipulata, Tephrosia coronilloides, Tephrosia burchellii, Tephrosia curvata, Tephrosia dasyphylla subsp. amplissima, Tephrosia decora, Tephrosia deflexa, Tephrosia densiflora, Tephrosia desertorum, Tephrosia dichroocarpa, Tephrosia djalonica, Tephrosia dregeana var. capillipes, Tephrosia drepanocarpa, Tephrosia caerulea subsp. caerulea, Tephrosia dura, Tephrosia elata var. tomentella, Tephrosia emeroides, Tephrosia faulknerae, Tephrosia festina, Tephrosia filiflora, Tephrosia forbesii subsp. inhacensis, Tephrosia fulvinervis, Tephrosia gossweileri, Tephrosia caerulea subsp. otaviensis, Tephrosia gracilipes, Tephrosia grandibracteata, Tephrosia heckmanniana, Tephrosia heterophylla, Tephrosia hildebrandtii, Tephrosia hochstetteri, Tephrosia holstii, Tephrosia huillensis var. grandiflora, Tephrosia humilis, Tephrosia interrupta subsp. elongatiflora, Tephrosia interrupta subsp. mildbraedii, Tephrosia iringae, Tephrosia kalamboensis, Tephrosia karkarensis, Tephrosia kasikiensis subsp. chinsaliana, Tephrosia katangensis, Tephrosia kazibensis, Tephrosia kindu, Tephrosia laevigata, Tephrosia lathyroides, Tephrosia capensis var. acutifolia, Tephrosia lebrunii, Tephrosia lepida subsp. nigrescens, Tephrosia le-testui, Tephrosia lortii, Tephrosia malvina, Tephrosia manikensis var. albosericea, Tephrosia maxima, Tephrosia melanocalyx, Tephrosia micrantha, Tephrosia miranda, Tephrosia capensis var. angustifolia, Tephrosia montana, Tephrosia moroubensis, Tephrosia mossiensis, Tephrosia muenzneri subsp. pedalis, Tephrosia nana, Tephrosia newtoniana var. ganguellensis, Tephrosia nseleensis, Tephrosia nyikensis subsp. victoriensis, Tephrosia capensis var. capensis, Tephrosia obbiadensis, Tephrosia oubanguiensis, Tephrosia oxygona subsp. oxygona var. obcordata, Tephrosia paniculata, Tephrosia paucijuga, Tephrosia pearsonii, Tephrosia pedicellata, Tephrosia pentaphylla, Tephrosia platycarpa, Tephrosia polyphylla, Tephrosia capensis var. hirsuta, Tephrosia praecana, Tephrosia pseudolongipes, Tephrosia punctata subsp. redheadii, Tephrosia purpurea subsp. altissima, Tephrosia purpurea subsp. dunensis, Tephrosia reptans var. arenicola, Tephrosia richardsiae subsp. erucifera, Tephrosia rigidula, Tephrosia ringoetii, Tephrosia robinsoniana, Tephrosia capensis var. longipetiolata, Tephrosia rupicola subsp. dreweana, Tephrosia scopulata, Tephrosia sengaensis, Tephrosia stormsii var. pilosa, Tephrosia subpraecox, Tephrosia subtriflora, Tephrosia sylitroides, Tephrosia sylviae, Tephrosia tanganicensis, Tephrosia tundavalensis, Tephrosia cephalantha var. decumbens, Tephrosia verdickii, Tephrosia whyteana subsp. gemina, Tephrosia zambiana, Tephrosia alpestris, Tephrosia barba-jovis, Tephrosia harmsii, Tephrosia candida, Tephrosia senna, Tephrosia sinapou, Tephrosia aequalata subsp. aequalata, Tephrosia bracteolata var. bracteolata, Tephrosia cephalantha var. cephalantha, Tephrosia dasyphylla subsp. dasyphylla, Tephrosia elata var. elata, Tephrosia forbesii subsp. forbesii, Tephrosia hockii subsp. hockii, Tephrosia cordata, Tephrosia huillensis var. huillensis, Tephrosia interrupta subsp. interrupta, Tephrosia kasikiensis subsp. kasikiensis, Tephrosia lepida subsp. lepida, Tephrosia manikensis var. manikensis, Tephrosia muenzneri subsp. muenzneri, Tephrosia newtoniana var. newtoniana, Tephrosia nubica subsp. nubica, Tephrosia nyikensis subsp. nyikensis, Tephrosia punctata subsp. punctata, Tephrosia richardsiae subsp. richardsiae, Tephrosia rupicola subsp. rupicola, Tephrosia stormsii var. stormsii, Tephrosia whyteana subsp. whyteana, Tephrosia longipes subsp. longipes var. uncinata, Tephrosia griseola, Tephrosia aequalata subsp. australis, Tephrosia dregeana var. dregeana, Tephrosia albissima subsp. albissima, Tephrosia elegans, Tephrosia elongata var. elongata, Tephrosia elongata var. tzaneenensis, Tephrosia euchroa, Tephrosia euprepes, Tephrosia albissima subsp. zuluensis, Tephrosia forbesii subsp. interior, Tephrosia glomeruliflora subsp. glomeruliflora, Tephrosia glomeruliflora subsp. meisneri, Tephrosia gobensis, Tephrosia gracilenta, Tephrosia grandiflora, Tephrosia inandensis, Tephrosia kraussiana, Tephrosia limpopoensis, Tephrosia linearis, Tephrosia angulata, Tephrosia longipes subsp. longipes var. longipes, Tephrosia lupinifolia, Tephrosia macropoda var. diffusa, Tephrosia macropoda var. macropoda, Tephrosia marginella, Tephrosia monophylla, Tephrosia multijuga, Tephrosia multinervis, Tephrosia natalensis subsp. natalensis, Tephrosia natalensis subsp. pseudocapitata, Tephrosia noctiflora, Tephrosia oxygona subsp. lactea, Tephrosia oxygona subsp. oxygona var. oxygona, Tephrosia pallida, Tephrosia pietersii, Tephrosia polystachya var. hirta, Tephrosia polystachya var. latifolia, Tephrosia polystachya var. longidens, Tephrosia polystachya var. polystachya, Tephrosia elongata var. lasiocaulos, Tephrosia albifoliolis