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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Eudicotyledonopsida, Rosanae, Fabales, Fabaceae, Faboideae, Indigofereae, Indigofera
Indigofera acanthoclada, Indigofera crebra, Indigofera cryptantha var. cryptantha, Indigofera cryptantha var. occidentalis, Indigofera cuneifolia var. angustifolia, Indigofera cuneifolia var. cuneifolia, Indigofera cunenensis, Indigofera cytisoides, Indigofera daleoides var. daleoides, Indigofera daleoides var. gossweileri, Indigofera damarana, Indigofera alopecuroides var. alopecuroides, Indigofera declinata, Indigofera delagoaensis, Indigofera demissa, Indigofera densa, Indigofera denudata, Indigofera alopecuroides var. minor, Indigofera depressa, Indigofera digitata, Indigofera dillwynioides, Indigofera dimidiata, Indigofera disticha, Indigofera dolichothyrsa, Indigofera dregeana, Indigofera egens, Indigofera elandsbergensis, Indigofera enormis, Indigofera erecta, Indigofera eriocarpa, Indigofera evansiana, Indigofera evansii, Indigofera exigua, Indigofera filicaulis, Indigofera alpina, Indigofera filifolia, Indigofera filiformis, Indigofera filipes, Indigofera flabellata, Indigofera flavicans, Indigofera alternans var. alternans, Indigofera floribunda, Indigofera foliosa, Indigofera frondosa, Indigofera frutescens, Indigofera gairdnerae, Indigofera galpinii, Indigofera alternans var. macra, Indigofera giessii, Indigofera gifbergensis, Indigofera glaucescens, Indigofera glomerata, Indigofera gracilis, Indigofera amitina, Indigofera grata, Indigofera grisophylla, Indigofera guthriei, Indigofera hamulosa, Indigofera hantamensis, Indigofera hedyantha, Indigofera hendecaphylla, Indigofera amoena, Indigofera heterophylla, Indigofera heterotricha, Indigofera hilaris var. hilaris, Indigofera hirsuta var. hirsuta, Indigofera hispida, Indigofera hochstetteri subsp. streyana, Indigofera hofmanniana, Indigofera hololeuca, Indigofera holubii, Indigofera homblei subsp. homblei, Indigofera humifusa, Indigofera amorphoides, Indigofera hybrida, Indigofera incana, Indigofera ingrata, Indigofera inhambanensis, Indigofera intermedia, Indigofera inyangana, Indigofera ionii, Indigofera anabibensis, Indigofera krookii, Indigofera langebergensis, Indigofera laxeracemosa, Indigofera leendertziae, Indigofera lepida, Indigofera leptocarpa, Indigofera angustata, Indigofera limosa, Indigofera lupatana, Indigofera lyalli subsp. lyalli, Indigofera lydenburgensis, Indigofera maritima, Indigofera masonae, Indigofera mauritanica, Indigofera angustifolia var. angustifolia, Indigofera melanadenia, Indigofera merxmuelleri, Indigofera meyeriana, Indigofera micrantha, Indigofera microcarpa, Indigofera mildrediana, Indigofera mimosoides var. mimosoides, Indigofera mischocarpa, Indigofera mollicoma, Indigofera mollis, Indigofera monostachya, Indigofera mundiana, Indigofera natalensis, Indigofera nebrowniana, Indigofera angustifolia var. tenuifolia, Indigofera neglecta, Indigofera nigromontana, Indigofera nudicaulis, Indigofera nummulariifolia, Indigofera obcordata, Indigofera obscura, Indigofera ormocarpoides, Indigofera ovata, Indigofera ovina, Indigofera oxalidea, Indigofera oxytropis, Indigofera pappei, Indigofera pauciflora, Indigofera pearsonii, Indigofera pechuelii, Indigofera pentaphylla, Indigofera placida, Indigofera platypoda, Indigofera podophylla, Indigofera poliotes, Indigofera pongolana, Indigofera porrecta var. bicolor, Indigofera porrecta var. porrecta, Indigofera praticola, Indigofera procumbens, Indigofera pseudoevansii, Indigofera psoraloides, Indigofera pungens, Indigofera quinquefolia, Indigofera racemosa, Indigofera radicifera, Indigofera rautanenii, Indigofera reducta, Indigofera rehmannii, Indigofera rhodantha, Indigofera rhytidocarpa subsp. rhytidocarpa, Indigofera aquae-nitentis, Indigofera ripae, Indigofera rostrata, Indigofera rubroglandulosa, Indigofera sanguinea, Indigofera sarmentosa, Indigofera schimperi var. baukeana, Indigofera schimperi var. schimperi, Indigofera schinzii, Indigofera arenophila, Indigofera sessilifolia, Indigofera setiflora, Indigofera setosa, Indigofera sieberiana, Indigofera sordida, Indigofera spicata var. spicata, Indigofera stricta, Indigofera suffruticosa, Indigofera sulcata, Indigofera superba, Indigofera aristata, Indigofera swaziensis var. perplexa, Indigofera swaziensis var. swaziensis, Indigofera teixeirae, Indigofera tenuissima, Indigofera thesioides, Indigofera tinctoria var. arcuata, Indigofera tomentosa, Indigofera torulosa var. angustiloba, Indigofera torulosa var. torulosa, Indigofera trifolioides, Indigofera trigonelloides, Indigofera triquetra, Indigofera tristis, Indigofera tristoides, Indigofera arrecta, Indigofera trita subsp. scabra, Indigofera trita subsp. subulata, Indigofera velutina, Indigofera venusta, Indigofera verrucosa, Indigofera vicioides var. rogersii, Indigofera vicioides var. vicioides, Indigofera williamsonii, Indigofera astragalina, Indigofera woodii var. laxa, Indigofera woodii var. woodii, Indigofera zeyheri, Indigofera achyranthoides, Indigofera ambelacensis, Indigofera atrata, Indigofera ancistrocarpa, Indigofera andrewsiana, Indigofera antunesiana, Indigofera arabica, Indigofera argentea, Indigofera articulata, Indigofera aspera, Indigofera asterocalycina, Indigofera atricephala, Indigofera atriceps subsp. kaessneri, Indigofera atriceps subsp. rhodesica, Indigofera atriceps subsp. setosissima, Indigofera atriceps subsp. ufipaensis, Indigofera bangweolensis var. lacus-victoriae, Indigofera barteri, Indigofera basiflora, Indigofera benguellensis, Indigofera berhautiana, Indigofera auricoma, Indigofera biglandulosa, Indigofera binderi, Indigofera bogdanii var. peteri, Indigofera bongensis, Indigofera boranica, Indigofera brachynema, Indigofera bracteolata, Indigofera brassii, Indigofera brevicalyx, Indigofera brevifilamenta, Indigofera breviracemosa, Indigofera breviviscosa, Indigofera burttii, Indigofera bussei, Indigofera capitata, Indigofera cavallii, Indigofera chevalieri, Indigofera chirensis, Indigofera circinella, Indigofera cliffordiana, Indigofera colutea var. linearis, Indigofera colutea var. somalensis, Indigofera concinna, Indigofera conferta, Indigofera congesta, Indigofera congolensis var. bongensis, Indigofera conjugata var. occidentalis, Indigofera corallinosperma, Indigofera cordifolia, Indigofera cuneata, Indigofera curvata, Indigofera curvirostrata, Indigofera dasycephala, Indigofera dauensis, Indigofera bainesii, Indigofera deightonii subsp. rhodesica, Indigofera dembianensis, Indigofera dendroides, Indigofera desertorum, Indigofera diphylla, Indigofera dissitiflora, Indigofera drepanocarpa, Indigofera dyeri var. congesta, Indigofera dyeri var. major, Indigofera dyeri var. parviflora, Indigofera elliotii, Indigofera elwakensis, Indigofera emarginella var. longifoliolata, Indigofera emarginelloides, Indigofera eremophila, Indigofera erythrogramma, Indigofera exellii, Indigofera eylesiana, Indigofera fanshawei, Indigofera faulknerae, Indigofera fulvopilosa, Indigofera fuscosetosa, Indigofera garckeana, Indigofera geminata, Indigofera glaucifolia, Indigofera gloriosa, Indigofera graniticola, Indigofera griseoides, Indigofera baumiana, Indigofera hermannioides, Indigofera heudelotii var. fairchildii, Indigofera hewittii, Indigofera hilaris var. microscypha, Indigofera hiranensis, Indigofera hirsuta var. pumila, Indigofera huillensis, Indigofera haudtii, Indigofera insularis, Indigofera ischnoclada, Indigofera kerstingii, Indigofera kirkii, Indigofera knoblecheri, Indigofera kongwaensis, Indigofera kuntzei, Indigofera lasiantha, Indigofera latisepala, Indigofera leprieurii, Indigofera leptoclada, Indigofera letestui, Indigofera linifolia, Indigofera livingstoniana, Indigofera longemucronata, Indigofera longepedicellata, Indigofera longeracemosa, Indigofera longiflora, Indigofera lotononoides, Indigofera lyallii subsp. nyassica, Indigofera lydenbergensis, Indigofera macrantha, Indigofera macrocalyx, Indigofera bijuga, Indigofera macrophylla, Indigofera malindiensis, Indigofera malongensis, Indigofera manyoniensis, Indigofera masaiensis, Indigofera megacephala, Indigofera mendesii, Indigofera mendoncae, Indigofera microcalyx, Indigofera adenocarpa, Indigofera micropetala, Indigofera mildbraediana, Indigofera milne-redheadii, Indigofera mimosoides var. brachycarpa, Indigofera mimosoides var. viscidior, Indigofera monantha, Indigofera monanthoides, Indigofera mooneyi, Indigofera brachystachya, Indigofera mupensis subsp. abercornensis, Indigofera mwanzae, Indigofera nairobiensis subsp. viscida, Indigofera nephocarpa, Indigofera nigricans, Indigofera nigritana, Indigofera nugalensis, Indigofera nummularia, Indigofera nyassica var. brevior, Indigofera nyassica var. viscidior, Indigofera oblongifolia, Indigofera ogadensis, Indigofera oligophylla, Indigofera omariana, Indigofera omissa var. trifoliolata, Indigofera oubanguiensis, Indigofera paniculata subsp. gazensis, Indigofera paracapitata, Indigofera paraglaucifolia, Indigofera buchananii, Indigofera paraoxalidea, Indigofera parviflora var. crispidula, Indigofera paucistrigosa, Indigofera pellucida, Indigofera peltata, Indigofera petiolata, Indigofera phillipsiae, Indigofera phyllanthoides, Indigofera pilosa var. angolensis, Indigofera burchellii, Indigofera pobeguinii, Indigofera podocarpa, Indigofera polysphaera, Indigofera prieureana, Indigofera pruinosa, Indigofera pseudosubulata, Indigofera pulchra, Indigofera quarrei, Indigofera ramosissima, Indigofera repens, Indigofera rhynchocarpa var. uluguruensis, Indigofera rhytidocarpa subsp. angolensis, Indigofera roseo-caerulea, Indigofera rothii, Indigofera ruspolii, Indigofera sabulosa, Indigofera santosii, Indigofera scarciesii, Indigofera schimperi var. crispidula, Indigofera schimperi var. parvifoliolata, Indigofera schliebenii, Indigofera sebungweensis, Indigofera secundiflora var. rubripilosa, Indigofera secundiflora var. schimperi, Indigofera semitrijuga, Indigofera senegalensis, Indigofera sesquijuga, Indigofera sessiliflora, Indigofera simplicifolia, Indigofera sisalis, Indigofera smutsii, Indigofera sparsa, Indigofera sparteola, Indigofera spicata var. brevicarpa, Indigofera spiniflora, Indigofera spinosa, Indigofera splendens, Indigofera stenophylla var. ampla, Indigofera suaveolens, Indigofera subulifera var. polysperma, Indigofera sutherlandioides, Indigofera taborensis, Indigofera tanaensis, Indigofera tanganyikensis var. paucijuga, Indigofera tanganyikensis var. strigulosior, Indigofera taruffiana, Indigofera taylori, Indigofera tenuis subsp. major, Indigofera terminalis, Indigofera tetraptera, Indigofera tetrasperma, Indigofera thikaensis, Indigofera adenoides, Indigofera candicans, Indigofera thomsonii, Indigofera torrei, Indigofera trachyphylla, Indigofera trialata, Indigofera trichopoda var. oubanguiensis, Indigofera trigonelloides var. maffei, Indigofera trigonelloides var. scabra, Indigofera trigonelloides var. subulata, Indigofera ugandensis, Indigofera vanderystii, Indigofera vicioides var. occidentalis, Indigofera viridiflora, Indigofera viscidissima subsp. orientalis, Indigofera vohemarensis, Indigofera volkensii, Indigofera wildiana, Indigofera wituensis var. occidentalis, Indigofera zanzibarica, Indigofera zavattarii, Indigofera zenkeri, Indigofera ciferrii, Indigofera crotalarioides, Indigofera cuitoensis, Indigofera dekindtii, Indigofera ellenbeckii, Indigofera gillettii, Indigofera heterocarpa, Indigofera kelleri, Indigofera nymbalensis, Indigofera sedgewickiana, Indigofera strigulosa, Indigofera subulata var. nubica, Indigofera subulata var. macrophylla, Indigofera galegoides, Indigofera pulchella, Indigofera candolleana, Indigofera atriceps subsp. atriceps, Indigofera bangweolensis var. bangweolensis, Indigofera bogdanii var. bogdanii, Indigofera coerulea var. coerulea, Indigofera congolensis var. congolensis, Indigofera conjugata var. conjugata, Indigofera costata subsp. costata, Indigofera dasyantha var. dasyantha, Indigofera deightonii subsp. deightonii, Indigofera capillaris, Indigofera dyeri var. dyeri, Indigofera emarginella var. emarginella, Indigofera fulgens subsp. fulgens, Indigofera heudelotii var. heudelotii, Indigofera lyallii subsp. lyallii, Indigofera mupensis subsp. mupensis, Indigofera nairobiensis subsp. nairobiensis, Indigofera nyassica var. nyassica, Indigofera omissa var. omissa, Indigofera paniculata subsp. paniculata, Indigofera pilosa var. pilosa, Indigofera rhynchocarpa var. rhynchocarpa, Indigofera secundiflora var. secundiflora, Indigofera stenophylla var. stenophylla, Indigofera strobilifera subsp. strobilifera, Indigofera subargentea var. subargentea, Indigofera subulifera var. subulifera, Indigofera tanganyikensis var. tanganyikensis, Indigofera tenuis subsp. tenuis, Indigofera tinctoria var. tinctoria, Indigofera trichopoda var. trichopoda, Indigofera viscidissima subsp. viscidissima, Indigofera wituensis var. wituensis, Indigofera cecilii, Indigofera charlieriana var. charlieriana, Indigofera charlieriana var. lata, Indigofera charlieriana var. scaberrima, Indigofera jucunda, Indigofera longistaminata, Indigofera circinnata, Indigofera nambalensis, Indigofera emarginella var. marrupaƫnsis, Indigofera pseudomoniliformis, Indigofera subcorymbosa var. subcorymbosa, Indigofera subcorymbosa var. grandis, Indigofera cryptantha var. desmodioides, Indigofera australis, Indigofera atriceps subsp. glandulosissima, Indigofera johnstonii, Indigofera atriceps subsp. ramosa, Indigofera hochstetteri subsp. hochstetteri, Indigofera parvula, Indigofera sericea, Indigofera trita subsp. trita, Indigofera intricata, Indigofera colutea var. colutea, Indigofera marmorata, Indigofera procera, Indigofera sokotrana, Indigofera bemarahaensis, Indigofera blaiseae, Indigofera bojeri, Indigofera cloiselii, Indigofera compressa, Indigofera diversifolia, Indigofera leucoclada, Indigofera mangokyensis, Indigofera mimosella, Indigofera mouroundavensis, Indigofera perrieri, Indigofera adesmiifolia, Indigofera amblyantha, Indigofera baileyi, Indigofera basedowii, Indigofera commixta, Indigofera boviperda, Indigofera brevidens, Indigofera caroliniana, Indigofera coronillifolia, Indigofera densiflora, Indigofera enneaphylla, Indigofera efoliata, Indigofera ewartiana, Indigofera georgei, Indigofera haplophylla, Indigofera comosa, Indigofera helmsii, Indigofera leucotricha, Indigofera lindheimeriana, Indigofera linnaei, Indigofera longibractea, Indigofera monophylla, Indigofera latibracteata, Indigofera psammophila, Indigofera sphaerocarpa, Indigofera tryonii, Indigofera woodii, Indigofera swaziensis, Indigofera gonioides var. mossambicensis, Indigofera endecaphylla, Indigofera leptosepala, Indigofera pedunculata, Indigofera cryptantha, Indigofera daleoides, Indigofera oligantha, Indigofera complicata, Indigofera longibarbata, Indigofera pilgeriana, Indigofera concava, Indigofera confusa, Indigofera heterantha, Indigofera amatolensis, Indigofera decora, Indigofera fulcrata, Indigofera oxytropoides, Indigofera pondoensis