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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Eudicotyledonopsida, Rosanae, Fabales, Fabaceae, Faboideae, Podalyrieae, Amphithalea
Amphithalea alba, Amphithalea ericifolia subsp. erecta, Amphithalea ericifolia subsp. ericifolia, Amphithalea ericifolia subsp. minuta, Amphithalea ericifolia subsp. scoparia, Amphithalea fourcadei, Amphithalea imbricata, Amphithalea intermedia, Amphithalea micrantha, Amphithalea axillaris, Amphithalea oppositifolia, Amphithalea perplexa, Amphithalea phylicoides, Amphithalea rostrata, Amphithalea sericea, Amphithalea speciosa, Amphithalea stokoei, Amphithalea tomentosa, Amphithalea biovulata, Amphithalea tortilis, Amphithalea villosa, Amphithalea violacea, Amphithalea virgata, Amphithalea williamsonii, Amphithalea monticola, Amphithalea muraltioides, Amphithalea bodkinii, Amphithalea bowiei, Amphithalea bullata, Amphithalea cedarbergensis, Amphithalea cymbifolia, Amphithalea dahlgrenii, Amphithalea esterhuyseniae, Amphithalea flava, Amphithalea minima, Amphithalea muirii, Amphithalea obtusiloba, Amphithalea ciliaris, Amphithalea pageae, Amphithalea parvifolia, Amphithalea purpurea, Amphithalea spinosa, Amphithalea vlokii, Amphithalea concava, Amphithalea cuneifolia