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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Eudicotyledonopsida, Rosanae, Fabales, Fabaceae, Mimosoideae, Ingeae, Albizia
Albizia adianthifolia var. adianthifolia, Albizia forbesii, Albizia harveyi, Albizia lebbeck, Albizia amara subsp. sericocephala, Albizia petersiana subsp. evansii, Albizia procera, Albizia suluensis, Albizia tanganyicensis subsp. tanganyicensis, Albizia anthelmintica, Albizia versicolor, Albizia aylmeri, Albizia chevalieri, Albizia coriaria, Albizia dinklagei, Albizia euryphylla, Albizia ferruginea, Albizia glaberrima var. glabrescens, Albizia glaberrima var. mpwapwensis, Albizia grandibracteata, Albizia gummifera, Albizia intermedia, Albizia isenbergiana, Albizia laurentii, Albizia malacophylla var. ugandensis, Albizia mossamedensis, Albizia obbadiensis, Albizia oliveri, Albizia quartiniana, Albizia schimperiana var. tephrocalyx, Albizia tanganyicensis subsp. adamsoniorum, Albizia welwitschii var. pedicellata, Albizia zimmermannii, Albizia zygia, Albizia gigantea, Albizia carbonaria, Albizia caribaea, Albizia antunesiana, Albizia chinensis, Albizia falcataria, Albizia lebbekoides, Albizia odoratissima, Albizia saponaria, Albizia amara subsp. amara, Albizia glaberrima var. glaberrima, Albizia malacophylla var. malacophylla, Albizia petersiana subsp. petersiana, Albizia schimperiana var. schimperiana, Albizia brevifolia, Albizia welwitschii var. welwitschii, Albizia julibrissin, Albizia pruinosa, Albizia richardiana, Albizia saman, Albizia chirindensis, Albizia androyensis, Albizia tulearensis, Albizia boinensis