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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Eudicotyledonopsida, Rosanae, Fabales, Fabaceae, Faboideae, Crotalarieae, Leobordea
Leobordea furcata, Leobordea newtonii, Leobordea platycarpa, Leobordea schoenfelderi, Leobordea stipulosa, Leobordea acuticarpa, Leobordea adpressa subsp. adpressa, Leobordea adpressa subsp. leptantha, Leobordea arida, Leobordea bullonii, Leobordea carinata, Leobordea decumbens, Leobordea decumbens subsp. decumbens, Leobordea decumbens subsp. rehmannii, Leobordea divaricata, Leobordea esterhuyseana, Leobordea genistioides, Leobordea hirsuta, Leobordea lupinifolia, Leobordea digitata, Leobordea maroccana, Leobordea mirabilis, Leobordea mollis, Leobordea mucronata, Leobordea pariflora, Leobordea prolifera, Leobordea pusilla, Leobordea stolzii, Leobordea tapetiformis, Leobordea difformis, Leobordea benthamiana, Leobordea procumbens, Leobordea corymbosa, Leobordea eriantha, Leobordea foliosa, Leobordea grandis, Leobordea lanceolata, Leobordea pulchra, Leobordea spicata, Leobordea sutherlandii, Leobordea longiflora, Leobordea diffusa, Leobordea globulosa, Leobordea lanata, Leobordea laticeps, Leobordea longicephala, Leobordea oligocephala, Leobordea pentaphylla, Leobordea polycephala, Leobordea magnifica, Leobordea plicata, Leobordea quinata, Leobordea bracteosa