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Southern Africa National Biodiversity Institute
Plantae, Spermatophyta, Angiospermae, Magnoliophyta, Eudicotyledonopsida, Rosanae, Sapindales, Burseraceae, Commiphora
Commiphora africana var. africana, Commiphora crenato-serrata, Commiphora longipedicellata, Commiphora madagascarensis, Commiphora microcarpa, Commiphora mildbraedii subsp. dodomaensis, Commiphora mombassensis, Commiphora monoica, Commiphora mossamedensis, Commiphora mulelame, Commiphora myrrha, Commiphora oblongifolia, Commiphora dinteri, Commiphora obovata, Commiphora oddurensis, Commiphora ogadensis, Commiphora ovalifolia, Commiphora palmatifoliolata, Commiphora pedunculata, Commiphora playfairii, Commiphora pseudopaolii, Commiphora pteleifolia, Commiphora discolor, Commiphora quadricincta, Commiphora sarandensis subsp. moyaleensis, Commiphora sennii, Commiphora serrata, Commiphora serrulata var. tenuipes, Commiphora setulifera, Commiphora spathulata, Commiphora sphaerocarpa, Commiphora sphaerophylla, Commiphora stolonifera, Commiphora edulis subsp. edulis, Commiphora sulcata, Commiphora swynnertonii, Commiphora tenuis, Commiphora trothai, Commiphora truncata, Commiphora ugogensis, Commiphora ulugurensis, Commiphora unilobata, Commiphora velutina, Commiphora alata, Commiphora berardellii, Commiphora bricchettii, Commiphora chevalieri, Commiphora paolii, Commiphora ruspolii, Commiphora staphyleifolia, Commiphora campestris subsp. campestris var. campestris, Commiphora giessii, Commiphora eminii subsp. eminii, Commiphora erythraea var. erythraea, Commiphora gileadensis var. gileadensis, Commiphora habessinica subsp. habessinica, Commiphora holtziana subsp. holtziana, Commiphora kataf subsp. kataf, Commiphora kua var. kua, Commiphora mildbraedii subsp. mildbraedii, Commiphora rostrata var. rostrata, Commiphora samharensis subsp. samharensis, Commiphora glandulosa, Commiphora sarandensis subsp. sarandensis, Commiphora serrulata var. serrulata, Commiphora glaucescens, Commiphora africana var. glaucidula, Commiphora gracilifrondosa, Commiphora africana var. oblongifoliolata, Commiphora africana var. tubuk, Commiphora campestris subsp. campestris var. heterophylla, Commiphora campestris subsp. glabrata, Commiphora harveyi, Commiphora rostrata var. reflexa, Commiphora kua var. gowlello, Commiphora eminii subsp. zimmermannii, Commiphora eminii subsp. trifoliolata, Commiphora edulis subsp. boiviniana, Commiphora edulis subsp. holosericea, Commiphora anacardiifolia, Commiphora kraeuseliana, Commiphora samharensis subsp. terebinthina, Commiphora marlothii, Commiphora mollis, Commiphora mossambicensis, Commiphora multijuga, Commiphora namaensis, Commiphora kaokoensis, Commiphora neglecta, Commiphora kuneneana, Commiphora angolensis, Commiphora oblanceolata, Commiphora pyracanthoides, Commiphora saxicola, Commiphora schimperi, Commiphora schlechteri, Commiphora tenuipetiolata, Commiphora viminea, Commiphora virgata, Commiphora wildii, Commiphora woodii, Commiphora zanzibarica, Commiphora acuminata, Commiphora africana var. ramosissima, Commiphora caerulea, Commiphora africana var. rubriflora, Commiphora agar, Commiphora alaticaulis, Commiphora albiflora, Commiphora allophylla, Commiphora ancistrophora, Commiphora angustefoliolata, Commiphora antunesii, Commiphora baluensis, Commiphora boranensis, Commiphora bruceae, Commiphora campestris subsp. magadiensis, Commiphora campestris subsp. shinyangensis, Commiphora campestris subsp. wajirensis, Commiphora cassan, Commiphora chaetocarpa, Commiphora ciliata, Commiphora confusa, Commiphora corrugata, Commiphora capensis, Commiphora cyclophylla, Commiphora dalzielii, Commiphora danduensis, Commiphora drake-brockmanii, Commiphora ellenbeckii, Commiphora engleri, Commiphora enneaphylla, Commiphora erlangeriana, Commiphora erosa, Commiphora erythraea var. glabrescens, Commiphora foliacea, Commiphora fulvotomentosa, Commiphora gillettii, Commiphora gorinii, Commiphora gracilispina, Commiphora guidottii, Commiphora guerreh, Commiphora habessinica subsp. tanganyikensis, Commiphora hildebrandtii, Commiphora cervifolia, Commiphora hodai, Commiphora holtziana subsp. microphylla, Commiphora hornbyi, Commiphora horrida, Commiphora incisa, Commiphora karibensis, Commiphora kataf subsp. turkanensis, Commiphora kerstingii, Commiphora kotschyi, Commiphora lindensis, Commiphora chariensis, Commiphora cuneaphylla, Commiphora gariepensis, Commiphora steynii